How to Protect Your Mobile from Malware Attacks by Using Antivirus Software


Smartphones have become a vehicle to offer a convenient method to access, search, and share information. However, the availability of this information has resulted in increased cyber-attacks. Common cyber threats include Trojans, botnets, and toolkits. Currently, 96% of mobile phones do not have pre-installed antivirus software. This lack of security allows malicious cyber attackers to hack into different mobile devices. You can install antivirus systems to eliminate such risks. Resources like an unbiased TotalAV review will help to find the best antivirus software for your mobile

What Makes Your Mobile Phones Vulnerable?

Traditional security software is available in personal computers, like antivirus, firewalls, and encryption, but they are not currently available in mobiles. Moreover, mobile phones are even more exposed to viruses, malware, and other cyber threats than personal computers, as people mostly use their mobile to do personal tasks.

Nowadays, users can do various activities with smartphones, such as emailing, buying different applications, using social networking applications (Facebook and Instagram), and doing online shopping. Furthermore, people can now do monetary transactions, like buying and selling goods, booking tickets, and point-of-sale payments. Monetary transactions are generally attractive to cyber attackers as they hack the user’s smartphone to get access to data related to their bank account.

Why Should You Install Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a program that works against a virus, rootkits, Trojans, phishing attacks, spam attacks, and other malware attacks. This data security utility detects the virus. After recognizing the virus, it removes it from the mobile or any other system in which it is installed.

It works as a guard so that it not only removes a virus but also prevents any prospective virus from infecting your mobile phone in the future. Online reviews will help you know whether paid antivirus software is worth buying or not.


How does Antivirus Software Protect Your Mobile Phone from Malware Attacks?

Antivirus software provides a vital layer of protection for your mobile phone. They help in protecting music and photo libraries, and other important files from destruction by malware. Ensure that your protection is up to the mark for defending against the new threats. An Unbiased Total AV review may help in choosing the best antivirus software.

A robust antivirus software package has several characteristics. Some of them are-

  • It checks that all newly downloaded files or programs are malware-free.
  • It can also detect and warn against unknown malware threats based on technical features.
  • Tuning up your mobile phone to make it to run smoothly, just like new
  • Provide simple training to you and your family on how to become safe from malware attacks.
  • Preventing identity theft
  • It regularly scans the mobile phone to recognize and defeat whether any malware has entered into the system.
  • It regularly updates your mobile to detect the latest threat.
  • Good antivirus protection can also detect and warn against suspicious websites that are specifically designed for “phishing.” Phishing is a technique to trick people, to enter their passwords or bank account numbers.
  • A robust antivirus software safeguards user sensitive information and offers password management tools.

No protection is sovereign. But a combo of self-awareness and robust protective tools will make your mobile phones and other systems as safe as it can be.

What Are the Main Threats to Your Mobile Phones?

Malware programs are commonly used to hack into smartphones. The different programs that now infect smartphones are–

  1. Trojan –It is a program that poses as legitimate applications.
  2. Malvertising –They are the authentic-looking ads that are associated with false websites.

       3. Botnet- They are a network of infected private computers controlled by cyber attackers who sell sensitive information. Social media applications on mobile phones are now a new source for botnets to control devices. Some examples are Opt-in botnets, Aurora Botnet, restock.

  1. Virus –This software program can self-replicate and destroy documents and other programs on a host system.
  2. Worms –It is malware that can replicate itself and is spread over the air through mobile networks.
  3. Toolkit –This software program is used to help with widespread attacks on networked computers or mobile phones.

What Harm Can a Virus Do to Your Mobile Phone?

In case your smartphone is attacked by a virus, it can affect it in the following ways:

  • It will slow down your mobile phone.
  • Can damage or delete files.
  • Viruses can lead your smartphone to hang frequently.
  • Result in loss of data from your phone.
  • Make your smartphone unable to perform any task.

Mobile Phones are small and are convenient to carry anywhere. Unfortunately, the pros of using smartphones to do personal work have become the loophole for cyber attackers to gain access to personal information. Thus, it has become important to install antivirus software on mobile devices to protect sensitive, personal data.


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