How to Respond to Reviews and Feedback on Social Media


Building your reputation among your followers through social media marketing is always a crucial part of managing your brand or business. Especially during these times, when the pandemic is still around and lots of people rely on online shopping and services to meet their needs, getting excellent feedback from followers is critical.

How important is social media engagement? According to social media reputation management experts, majority of consumers rely on a business or brand’s overall star rating to know whether the quality of products or services they are receiving is absolutely worth it, and they tend to read around 4 to 6 reviews before they can trust a business.

Of course, getting reviews and leaving them at that isn’t enough. The Internet is vast, and creating meaningful interactions with your consumers is important. Users prefer brands that are friendly, consistent, timely, and helpful. Anyone who isn’t satisfied with what you deliver or what you share can be a critical hit towards your brand or your business. That’s why it’s important to know about the most effective social media reputation management strategies around – so you can up your brand reputation game in the best way possible.

Why is it important to respond to feedback?

Before getting into the “how” of things, let’s dive into the “why” first. If you’ve ever been a customer yourself, chances are you’ve messaged a business at some point to ask about what they’re offering, or maybe raise a concern about a product you’ve already received. It’s always frustrating to deal with unresponsive social media pages, especially when your concern is urgent. Maybe you’d be inclined to leave a negative review after that. On the other hand, when a business’ social media page quickly answers your question or gets back to you, you’d probably have a more positive opinion of them, and would even recommend their products or services.

That’s why it’s important to be active when engaging with customers, to take care of your brand’s reputation. Experts strongly agree that bad reviews left unanswered can signal to other customers that you are disinterested in them and their concerns. You’ll have to stay on top of people reaching you through social media, to make sure that your brand’s reputation is still great. Showing that you’re eager to engage with followers, consumers, or even fans, can work wonders!

Top tips for managing your reputation on social media

Now that you know why you need to engage with your followers, it’s time to get into how to do it. One of the best things you can do for your social media’s reputation is to listen to what your customers have to say about your brand. When followers are giving positive reviews, then that’s the easy part! You can always thank them for leaving a good review about your brand. You can – and should! – do more than just leave a simple thank-you, though. Customers and followers will want to feel remembered and welcomed, and it’s always a great idea to mention something they specifically mentioned in their review, so that they will know that you’ve read it and are genuinely happy for their feedback.

Of course, since you’re running a brand or a business, it’s always important to mention your business’ name to make sure it sticks. Let them know your business is happy or thrilled to receive excellent feedback, and take pride in the products that you offer! It will definitely help the positive reviews for your business appear in search results online, and help other potential customers be familiar with what you’re offering. You can also mention promos like loyalty cards or free meals, and invite future or returning customers to try something new from your list of services. Maybe a different dish, for instance, or the new latte you’ve just punt on the menu. Through this, you’ll hit two birds with one stone: encourage the first customer to visit again, and attract some new ones who might be checking out the feedback!

Positive reviews are relatively easy to deal with, but negative reviews will test your mettle and really set the tone for your brand. Maybe a customer got a defective item, or felt like the service they got was lacking. Like positive reviews, other people will see these negative reviews too, and how you deal with them can help or hinder your reputation. How do you do that? One of the first things to do is, yes, apologize, so that the customer or follower knows that you’re acknowledging their concerns. Remember, treat their concerns as valid, and give them the proper attention – this is a chance to make sure that they will indeed get the quality of service they’re expecting. Also, be sure to sound sincere! There’s nothing more off-putting than an insincere apology.

Once you offer an apology, always make sure to encourage the customer to reach out privately, whether through e-mail or through your social media page. That way, you can give personalized attention to their concerns, and can be certain you will give your utmost to resolve them. This is also an excellent way to earn your customer’s trust. If they’re satisfied with your response to the problem, then they’ll be more likely to revise their original negative review into a positive one, to share how helpfully your team dealt with the issue. Again, like positive reviews, negative reviews are public, so it’s highly encouraging for future customers to know that you are always ready to address a mistake and improve a negative experience.

The power of social media reputation

Whether it is gathering great reviews or dealing with negative feedback from customers, it’s always critical to have an excellent grasp of your image on social media. Social media reputation management is key in building your brand image, keeping followers engaged, and showcasing the quality of your services to future customers. Your reputation can make or break your business and greatly affect your online presence. Knowing how to respond to reviews and make the customers feel like they matter – whether it’s good feedback or the dreaded bad one – can help foster an excellent relationship with followers and customers.


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