How to Speed Up Video Using Filmora: 3 Methods You Can Use


Knowing how to speed up video clips can add major impact to your content. This unique effect can shorten run times to keep your users engaged and watching longer. In fact, VidYard says that a good rule of thumb is to keep videos under two minutes long. If you are using an iPhone, you can speed up video clips using video speed controller for iPhone users.

As one of the most user-friendly video editing tools on the market, Filmora offers three unique ways to change the speed of your videos. Let’s take a look at each one in detail:

1. Use Filmora to Adjust Video Speed

One popular method for fast-action or slow-action videos is to adjust your video speed, either to the entire video or to specific clips. Here’s how to do it:

1. Import Your Media Files

Go to Import and select the media files you want to work with. Drag them to their respective places on the timeline.

2.  Use a Single Click to Speed Up or Slow Down

Once your files are loaded in the timeline, right-click to select Speed and Duration. In the popup that appears, you’ll see some numbers that will indicate the speed of the video (e.g. 1 is the original speed, 2 is twice the speed, etc.). Increase the number to speed up your video, then view the effects in the Preview screen.

You can also change the speed of the video by dragging the slider tool to the desired speed.

3. Separate the Audio (Optional)

When you change the speed of a video, Filmora automatically adjusts the audio. However, you can choose to detach the audio from the video if you prefer to maintain the original playback speed.

To do this, go to the audio editing panel and click Detach Audio.

4. Export Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with your video speed, click Export and select your desired format. Alternatively, you can share your video directly to YouTube or other social media platforms, or burn your video to a DVD.

Some apps make the steps easier on mobile phones, try to test the best apps to speed up / slow down video on your iPhone and Android phones.

2. Change Entire Video Duration in Filmora

Another method that can help you speed up videos is to shorten the duration of your whole video. After importing your media files into Filmora as outlined above, you’ll do the following:

1. Choose the Speed and Duration Option

Once your files are in the timeline, right-click to open the Speed and Duration box. Instead of using the Speed slider, go to the Duration box and change the duration of the video. For example, if your video is 3 minutes long, adjusting the runtime to 1 min and 30 seconds will double the speed of your video. Click OK to apply the changes.

2. Preview the Video

Play back the video to make sure you’re satisfied with the speed before you finalize the project. If not, you can right-click over the clip to back to the Speed and Duration feature to adjust your video.

3. Save and Export Your Video

Once you’re happy with the speed, click Export to select your chosen format and save your project.

3. Change the Speed of Part of Your Video

Adjusting the speed of only a portion of your video can add impact to your content, a concept known as Speed Ramping. For example, you might play an interesting part in slow motion to add drama or speed up parts that may seem tedious or otherwise won’t lose value if not viewed at normal speed.

Here’s how you can use Filmora to apply effects to parts of your video:

1. Import Your Files and Adjust on Your Timeline

Just like the other methods, you’ll import your videos files into the program and arrange on your timeline. You can also add files to the User’s Album, then load one by one into the editor.

2. Isolate Your Clip

Ideally, you’ll have a separate clip to edit on its own, then add it to your larger project. If you don’t, you’ll need to highlight the clip to edit and separate it from the rest of your footage.

3. Split the Clip

Place your mouse over the area where you want to speed ramp, then right-click to select Split. Alternatively, you can use the Scissors on your toolbar.

4. Adjust the Speed

Double click on the clip to open in editing mode. At the bottom, you should see a speed bar. Dragging the bar to the right will speed up your clip, up to 10x the normal rate. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each clip you want to speed up. When you’re done, you can preview and export your video.

Why Use Filmora to Change Video Speed?

Filmora is one of the most preferred video editors available because it’s user-friendly and doesn’t require a heap of video editing  knowledge to use. Beginners and even semi-pros love the simplicity of the software, along with the variety of tools that come standard. Plus, you can try Filmora for free to experiment with its effects.

Take a free trial today and discover how you can add production value to your videos.


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