How To Use An Internet Speed Test to Trouble Shoot Your WiFi Connection


A lot of people’s daily activities require the use of Internet today. When you want to send an email, view pictures, or catch up on your favorite shows, you’ll need to connect your device to an Internet connection. However, if your wifi connection is slow, you’ll have problems doing the tasks that you have to do in the web.

Here’s how you can improve your connection:

Step 1: Check Your Speed

When your Internet connection is slow, it’s already obvious — the websites you want to visit may not load, the videos could be buffering, or the pictures may not fully show. You should, however, still conduct a wifi speed test because you’ll need the data to figure out what you need to do to fix the problem.

Use speed checkers to gather an accurate data of your Internet connection’s speed. Do it multiple times at different times of the day. Remember that the Internet speed can vary depending on what time of day it is, especially when there are also multiple users.

Knowing the data can help you understand the performance of your home wifi. It could help you determine if your Internet service provider or ISP causes the problem, or if it’s because of too many people using it at one time.

Step 2: Check Your Router

Your router could also be the cause of your slow Internet connection. Check your router for the following:

Old Model
How long is it since you bought your current router? Maybe the model is too outdated and isn’t performing as well as it used to. It could have developed some defects due to its old age, which could be the reason why your Internet connection is being compromised. It’s also possible that it can no longer offer the speed that you require.

Where did you place your router? It should not be in a place where it is cramped or crowded to prevent it from overheating. Overheating can cause damage to any device, which is why sometimes they automatically shut down to prevent it from happening. There should be sufficient airflow on where your router is. Ideally, it should be in an open space, without too many things blocking it.

No Signal
The placement of the router or your device can also affect the signal. The best connection you’ll get is when you’re closest to the router. The farther you get, the weaker the signal is, which means a slower Internet connection. Thick walls can also weaken the signal, so make sure that your router is not enclosed.

Step 3: Check The Users

In a family home, there are multiple wifi users, and even if you live alone, surely you have various gadgets that use wifi. Your computer, cellphone, tablet, TV, and high-tech appliances that have wifi connectivity also contribute to slowing down the connection.

Try disconnecting the other devices and check your speed while only one device is connected. If the speed test results are okay, then the slow connection is because of multiple users.

Step 4: Check Your Internet Downloads

Downloading large files or programs slows down the overall Internet speed, too. It’s especially problematic if your Internet service has a limit to the data that you can use, depending on your plan. When you’ve consumed up all the allowable data that you can use, then your connection will slow down, or will altogether stop until the next cycle.

If there’s no limit to your Internet data plan, but the connection is still slow, try downloading during times when the Internet is at its best. Look at the data you’ve gathered during your speed test and determine which time of the day the speed is fastest. You can also do your downloads while you’re not necessarily using the Internet, like at night when you’re asleep, so it can download quick and without sharing Internet data with other users.

Step 5: Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you’ve tried the steps above and your wifi connection is still slow, maybe your Internet plan is the problem. If your router has no defects and is in an ideal location, there aren’t many simultaneous users, and you’re not downloading anything, then it’s probably time to upgrade into a faster Internet plan. Of course, check Internet test first if you have any question.

Final Thoughts

Wifi connectivity became a necessity because people rely on it to do lots of things everyday. People use it to research, hospitals use it to store their patients’ medical records, airports use it for high-tech security devices, and so much more. So, if the connection suddenly becomes slow, it could really be a huge disturbance and could delay a lot of important stuff. If ever you’re experiencing slow connections, try the steps above.


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