Huami Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Review: Health Monitoring is Fully Upgraded


A subsidiary of Huami Technology, Amazfit GTR has always been a representative of fashion design and cutting-edge technology. The newly released Amazfit GTR 3 Pro this year is a comprehensive upgrade. From the outside to the inside, from the hardware to the software, there are no small changes. In addition to the improved appearance, it also prepares a surprise.

Let the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, first of all, you will be attracted by its beauty. The 1.45-inch retina screen provides a higher screen-to-body ratio, which is more outstanding in terms of brightness and display finesse. With the brand-new 60-frame animation, the “high-scrolling” look and feel, and the brand-new dynamic dial, the advantages of this screen can be fully utilized. Sports and health functions have always been the hallmarks of the Amazfit Yuewo series products. This time, Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro has achieved breakthrough progress in these two aspects.

In terms of sports, there are still as many as 150+ sports modes and self-developed PeakBeats professional algorithms, which can provide detailed sports data and professional sports support. Five-star positioning, 50-meter water resistance, and automatic identification of mainstream sports are assisted, which can be described as omnipotent in the mountains and the sea.

Health is the highlight of this time. The new BioTracker 3.0 PPG biological tracking optical sensor has greatly improved its performance. Not only can traditional health data such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, pressure, and breathing rate be collected more accurately and quickly.

Thanks to the new sensor and the addition of the PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also brings blood pressure screening research. After conquering heart rate and blood oxygen one after another, blood pressure has become the general trend of smart wearable devices. Amazfit jumped to the new functions of blood pressure screening research brought by GTR 3 Pro this time. Through cooperation with Peking University First Hospital, we will jointly study the role of wrist smart blood pressure watches in screening people with hypertension.

In addition to hardware, there are also surprises in software. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is equipped with Huami’s self-developed Zepp OS for the first time. It not only provides smoother animations and display effects, but also provides health data monitoring and collection, third-party application development support, and compatibility with mobile phones on various platforms. Matching has more advantages.

Next, let’s try the fully upgraded Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, especially the new blood pressure research.

Design & Appearance

After getting the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, the most attractive thing is its 1.45-inch retina screen. Under the premise that the size of the watch body has hardly changed, the screen-to-body ratio of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has increased to 70.6%.

Continuing the unbounded design of the previous generation, the micro-curved glass and the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body are integrated to ensure a 10.8mm thick and 32g thin body shape, which can provide a more integrated display effect.

In addition to the higher screen-to-body ratio, the screen of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also has many highlights. For example, with higher brightness, it can provide up to 1000nit excitation brightness under sunlight, ensuring that the screen can be clearly visible when used outdoors.

And a smoother display effect, through software and hardware optimization, a full 60-frame UI animation is provided, which is naturally smoother to use compared to 30-frame and lower watches on the market.

The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy watch body ensures that the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is light and strong enough. Two physical buttons on the side and dual microphone openings can further improve the clarity of voice commands and calls.

At the bottom of the watch body is the brand new BioTracker 3.0 PPG biological tracking optical sensor. The six-channel sensor configuration can improve the speed and accuracy of data collection, make the experience of health functions smoother, and bring breakthrough blood pressure monitoring functions.

In addition, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has speaker openings on the bottom edge of the watch body, which can directly play music and answer calls.

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro we received comes standard with a leather strap (Gobi Brown). In addition, users can also choose the fluoro rubber strap version. The former can provide the high-end texture of a classic watch, and the latter is more comfortable and smooth, and closer to the needs of outdoor sports.


Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has 150+ built-in sports modes, including not only traditional swimming, running, skipping, but also professional alpine skiing, fencing, cross-country running and other projects, and even the recent popular e-sports mode of smartwatches. , Which allows e-sports players to grasp the health data of their bodies during the game.

In addition, it also supports five-star positioning, is equipped with Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite positioning systems, supports 50-meter water resistance, and automatic recognition of 8 common sports modes. It is handy for daily sports to record data and trajectories.

Actually, experience the exercise mode of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. Similar to previous generations, you can start exercising after completing GPS positioning. During exercise, the watch will display information such as pace, heart rate, distance, etc., so that users can grasp their physical state and exercise status.

After the exercise is completed, the watch will also display detailed records of the exercise, such as exercise path, heart rate change, cadence, etc., but it is recommended to view it on the mobile phone APP. The data display will be more intuitive and easy to understand.

In addition, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also has a built-in PeakBeats professional exercise algorithm, which can analyze the training effect of each exercise, and learn oxygen uptake, exercise load, and other information, and provide recovery time suggestions to make your exercise training more professional.

In the watch, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also has a built-in PAI health assessment system, which can use numbers to quantify the physical state. Combined with health information such as heart rate and the activity duration, the user’s usual activities are converted into a PAI vitality index. As long as it is kept above 100, the risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes can be reduced. A more intuitive and clear PAI vitality index Help users maintain good physical health and activity status.


In terms of health, Amazfit’s highlight of GTR 3 Pro is naturally blood pressure research. Because of its small size and portability, simple operation, and other characteristics, the use of different measuring light sources for different absorption rates of hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin, and the use of photoplethysmography (PPG) to measure heart rate and blood oxygen is almost a common choice for mainstream smart wearable devices. As early as 2006 in the “Chinese Journal of Medical Physics”, there was an article titled “Research on Infrared Photoelectric Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement”. Researchers used PPG to achieve blood pressure measurement. After finding the difficulty and other problems, this will become a new method of non-invasive continuous measurement of blood pressure in each cardiac cycle.

APP Connectivity

Join the blood pressure screening research in Zepp APP, based on Huami’s newly released Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smartwatch, through the PumpBeats pressure monitoring engine, the blood pressure measurement can be completed in 30 seconds. Check your blood pressure, daily, weekly, monthly, annual statistics, etc. on this interface.

Although blood pressure screening research cannot be used as professional diagnostic data (in fact, all smart wearable devices on the market are the same), it can provide a good reference to help users find abnormalities and intervene in time.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro uses a photo volume signal (PPG signal) to measure changes in blood pressure. The mercury sphygmomanometer and electronic sphygmomanometer have different principles for measuring blood pressure. The first measurement of blood pressure needs to collect individual characteristic physiological data, such as gender, age, For height, and current blood pressure value, in order to make the accuracy higher, the sphygmomanometer must be calibrated three times before the first measurement.

In addition, when measuring, the position of the arm compared to the heart, sitting posture, standing posture, whether to exercise, etc. will all affect the result. And to avoid the radius, ensure at least 30 seconds of measurement time and so on. Therefore, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also informs users that they must sit still for more than five minutes, maintain a sitting position for measurement, and avoid talking and activities during measurement, and correctly wear the device without loosening, etc., to eliminate interference to the greatest extent.

First, use a professional wrist sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure, and you can get a systolic blood pressure of 129 and a diastolic blood pressure of 81. Measure three times and fill in the value into the watch and pass 1 minute of analysis to complete the calibration. If there is a big difference in the value, it means that there is interference during the measurement, and the watch will prompt to re-measure.

The actual measurement needs to last about 30 seconds, and the final telescopic pressure and diastolic pressure are consistent with the results of the sphygmomanometer. It is impossible to carry a mercury sphygmomanometer with you when you go out. At this time, it is just right to use Amazfit GTR 3 Pro to quickly see if your blood pressure is normal.

In addition, based on the new BioTracker 3.0 PPG sensor, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has also improved the experience of health functions such as blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring. For example, blood oxygen monitoring can get results in only 15 seconds at the fastest, which is much faster than previous blood oxygen monitoring equipment.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also supports 24-hour smart blood oxygen monitoring. After turning it on, as long as the wrist sits still in daily life, the watch will automatically start measuring blood oxygen saturation, allowing you to combine your daily state and blood oxygen afterward. Record and make adjustments to the pace of future work.

24-hour heart rate monitoring is naturally indispensable. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can record your heart rate data throughout the day, and promptly remind you when you find abnormal heartbeats. During swimming and other sports, the heart rate will also be recorded throughout the process. When the heart rhythm is abnormal, it will vibrate. Remind users.

The sleep monitoring function can not only record the length of time, but also provide parameters such as the ratio of deep sleep and light sleep, and the time to fall asleep. It will also compare with the database of the same age to tell you how you have improved your sleep habits.

In addition, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also supports breathing training, pressure monitoring, and other functions. If you don’t want to look for them, you can also use one-key measurement. You can complete 5 health indicators monitoring at a time in the 60s. After you press it, data from heart rate to heart health, pressure, blood oxygen, and breathing rate will be displayed, and you can know all your health conditions at once.


Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is equipped with Huami’s self-developed Zeep OS system for the first time. It not only has a brand-new UI but also brings a rich applet ecology. Future development cooperation with third-party platforms will also be smoother.

Like the UI, the fluency of Zeep OS has been greatly improved. With a brand-new screen, it can provide 60 frames of silky smooth animation. Compared with the old equipment with less than 30 frames, the operation of the system interface is much smoother.

The fully open applet ecology has also allowed Amazfit to add a lot of gadgets to the GTR 3 Pro. The watch has built-in tools such as a compass, barometer, voice memo, and remote camera. Through the mobile phone APP, you can also install more applications to the watch.

In the future, the app store will also have small programs such as NetEase Cloud Music, GoPro, and TCL remote control that will be updated soon. It can be said that Zeep OS greatly enhances the scalability of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. The open platform ecology, whether it is an adaptation to iOS and Android platform devices or the development of its own mini-programs, is even better.

In addition, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has some system functions that I have to talk about. For example, the convenient and easy-to-use voice assistant supports offline voice control, which can completely change the control of smartwatches. At present, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro defaults to long-press the function button on the upper right to call out the voice assistant. Users can also choose to turn on the convenient wrist-lifting activation, which can basically meet the needs of direct-function voice.

In addition, there is a convenient notification interface. Both WeChat and Alipay can be quickly opened here. Swipe left on the dial to quickly pay. You can also customize the display of weather, exercise, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and other information below. You can grasp all the information you want on this screen. As a rule, the NFC function is also essential. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is the same as its predecessor and supports both traffic card simulation and access card simulation. It’s more convenient to go out or go home every day, so you don’t need to carry the “small card” on your body.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro still has a wealth of dials for users to customize. It is worth mentioning that there are 15 specially customized dynamic dials this time, which can provide more gorgeous dynamic display effects. If you like, don’t miss it. In terms of battery life, according to official data, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can provide up to 12 days of battery life in daily use mode, and can reach about 6 days in heavy use mode. Taking into account its rich functions and gorgeous display effect, this battery life performance is much better than those smartwatches that charge once a day.

In the actual test, when the heart rate automatic monitoring is turned on, the watch is used for 3 days and 30 minutes, and there is one exercise for about 10 minutes in the middle, and the power consumption is 23%. According to the author’s usage habits, the battery life is about 13 days, which is also in line with the expected performance.

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Amazfit Leap Me GTR 3 Pro, as the third-generation upgrade of the GTR series, is full of surprises. With the support of the new sensor, sports and health are comprehensively improved, the algorithm analysis during exercise is more professional, the speed and accuracy of blood oxygen and heart rate measurement are better, and it even brings a new intelligent blood oxygen monitoring and blood pressure screen Investigation and research can enable us to have a more comprehensive understanding and protection of our health.

In addition to sports and health, Amazfit has made GTR 3 Pro more fashionable, and its convenience in daily life has also been greatly improved.

A larger screen and a higher screen-to-body ratio bring users a more brilliant display effect. Combined with an unbounded design, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can be said to be still at the forefront of smartwatch fashion. With the new Zeep OS blessing, there are also smoother UI dynamics and cool dynamic dials, and the hardware and software values ​​are not in the slightest.

The brand-new Zeep OS is not just a UI. At the system level, it also brings a rich mini-program ecology, which can continue to inject new vitality into the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro .

Powerful sports and health functions, open and rich mini program ecology, smooth and beautiful UI and dial, and stylish and simple design. More importantly, it does not require a daily charge and can have excellent battery life. In general Say, Amazfit Leap Me GTR 3 Pro is the representative of the perfect watch in my mind at present, and interested friends should not miss it.


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