Huawei F1 Series Officially Exposed, Full Screen Foldable Screen, Fingerprint Recognition!


With the official smartphones in October, the mobile phone market is about to start a new round of confrontation. In the next month, the flagship phone will come together, and this year’s Huawei is not only as simple as the flagship machine. It has been reported that Huawei will launch a new folding screen this year. Although it has not been officially published, recent patents seem to tell us that Huawei’s new folding machine does exist. According to the message, this time Huawei’s new collapsible machine will be named Huawei F1, which means that Huawei will launch the new F series. The news about the new Huawei F1 has already been exposed. What will the new Huawei F1 look like this time?

In terms of the design of the new machine, Huawei F1 will continue the design of the Huawei family. In the front design of the new machine, Huawei F1 adopts a new comprehensive screen design style. The new machine adopts curved design scheme, the left and right borders of the new machine is nearly disappeared, and the screen ratio of the front of the new machine has been further improved. The screen supports 360-degree folding, and the screen size and iPad mini are close when unfolding, and the combined screen size is similar to Samsung Note 9. In the back design of the new machine, Huawei F1 will adopt a new metal body, and the back of the fuselage is equipped with a rear horizontal double-shot combination, and the effect of the back of the new machine is very shocking. In the overall design of the new machine, Huawei F1 continued the design style of the Huawei family, and the appearance of the new machine was even more amazing.

In terms of a hardware configuration of the new machine, Huawei F1 will be equipped with Huawei’s own Kirin 980 processor. The performance of this processor is also very strong. According to the exposure, the running score is almost the same as the Snapdragon 855, but the specific performance of the new machine. Also, wait for the machine to be released. In terms of the memory combination of the new machine, Huawei F1 will start with 8GB+128GB memory combination, and the new machine will have 8GB+256GB version release.

This kind of memory combination is also very flagship. In terms of the camera of the new machine, the Huawei F1 will be equipped with a dual 16-megapixel camera, and the dual camera will support the optical image stabilization function. On the front camera of the new machine, the machine is equipped with a single 16-megapixel camera. In terms of other configurations of the new machine, Huawei F1 will support the fingerprint recognition function under the screen.

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In the release time of the new machine, Huawei F1 is expected to be released ahead of the end of this year, but it is still unclear whether Huawei releases the first release or Samsung. In terms of the price of the new machine, Huawei F1 will locate the high-end flagship market. The new mobile phone is also very expensive. the starting price of Huawei F1 will be 7999 yuan, this price is also very expensive, but the final price of the aircraft has not been confirmed. At present, there are only so many news about the phone.

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