Huawei Mate 40 Pro Exposure: Top Notch Screen with Hidden 3D Face ID


Starting with the Mate 20 series, Huawei has two successive generations of products using top notch on the Pro version and implementing payment-level 3D face recognition.

With the upcoming Mate 40 series, Huawei seems intent on continuing that approach.

On July 1, @rodent950 reported that the Mate 40 Pro uses top notch screen solution that hides the 3D face recognition under the screen.

Currently, top notch screen is one of the solutions to realize 3D face recognition, and the other is a double-hole screen. For the Mate 40 Pro, it’s likely to stick with the top notch screen.

In addition, RODENT950 revealed that the screen refresh rate of the Mate 40 Pro is likely to be 90Hz, with the same resolution as the P40 Pro, which has a resolution of 1200P  (PS: P40 Pro has a resolution of 2640×1200).

In terms of core features, the Mate 40 series will be the first of a new generation of Kirin flagship processors. The chip is based on a 5nm process and will be delivered in September.

According to industry insiders @mobile chip experts, all the kirin processor chips needed by Huawei by the end of the year, whether 5nm, 7nm, 16nm or 28nm, will be delivered by mid-September, and the shipments of Huawei products in the second half of the year will not be a problem.

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So it’s worth looking forward to the Mate 40 series, which is likely to debut in September or October.


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