Huawei Mate 50 Pro Concept: 2K 144 Hz Display, 50-Megapixel Lens


The news that the Huawei Mate 50 Pro will be released in the second half of the year surprised the outside world. After the release of Huawei Mate was stopped after a year, the upgrade of Huawei Mate models was finally ushered in. It can be said that the news that Mate 50 Pro will be released has finally fulfilled the long-cherished wish of pollen that has been waiting for many years, and finally can replace the Huawei Mate40Pro in hand. So what kind of design style will Huawei Mate 50 Pro adopt? Foreign media brought us a set of rendering design drawings of Huawei Mate50Pro.

It should be said that the design of Huawei Mate50Pro will not have subversive changes. At least in terms of many design elements, it will maintain its consistent design style, such as the circular camera module, the screen camera punch, and so on. However, Huawei Mate50Pro will also carry out certain upgrades on the original basis to create its own recognition. Only by improving your own recognition can you distinguish Huawei Mate50Pro from Huawei’s previous models, so that pollen can make better choices.

Huawei Mate50Pro has moved the camera module from the center of the phone to the upper left corner of the phone for the first time. This should be the first major update of Huawei Mate50Pro. Compared with the appearance of the traditional phone camera module, the phone of Huawei Mate50Pro has become asymmetrical, perhaps this is deliberately done by Huawei. After all, there is no similar design on the market for this asymmetrical circular camera module. However, Huawei Mate50Pro adopts such a design, and many components inside the phone also need to be rearranged, which increases the manufacturing cost in comparison.

This time, Huawei Mate50Pro also used the area in the ring-shaped camera module and placed a large-sized camera lens. This time, it is said that Huawei Mate50Pro will remove a telephoto lens and replace it with a 50-megapixel primary color lens. and one of the 20-megapixel cinema lenses will also be upgraded to 40-megapixel cinema lenses, and the periscope telephoto lens will be upgraded from 8-megapixels to 12-megapixels, still supporting 10x optical zoom. In general, the camera level of Huawei Mate50Pro is still the top level in the industry.

In terms of the display effect of the screen, Huawei did not choose the screen with a large curvature this time but increased the height of the floating frame of the screen. Although it is not a curved screen, you can still feel the presence of the screen on the side. This time, Huawei Mate50Pro upgrades the screen configuration directly to the top, the visual effect of 2K resolution, the screen refresh rate of 144 Hz, and the most important thing is that the 1920 high-frequency PWM dimming is also retained. And many small partners don’t like hyperbolic screens with high curvature, so this time Huawei Mate50Pro should be suitable for more small partners.

In terms of phone hardware configuration, Huawei Mate50Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 processor, and only this version, and does not support 5G. In terms of battery, Huawei Mate50Pro will be equipped with a 4700mAh battery that supports 100W wired fast charging and 66W wireless fast charging. In terms of configuration, it is still at the level of the first echelon of mobile phones, and there is no doubt about this.

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The news of Huawei Mate 50 Pro this time is undoubtedly a boost for Huafen, and it will also satisfy Huafen’s long-cherished wish for many years, and the mobile phone that can compete with Apple is the only Huawei mobile phone in the hearts of consumers. Therefore, the news of Huawei Mate50Pro this time is undoubted that Huawei once again pointed its sword at Apple. Huawei will rely on Huawei Mate50Pro to compete with Apple for mobile phone market share again, thus completing a gorgeous transformation.

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