Huawei MatePad 2022 Tab Review: Worthy Buying Without Google?


At the 2022 Huawei full-scenario new product spring conference held a few days ago, the Huawei MatePad 10.4-inch 2022 model (hereinafter referred to as Huawei MatePad 2022) was officially released. We Kuai Technology also received this tablet, let’s see what’s new in its Variety.

The biggest change of this Huawei MatePad 2022 is the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip, TSMC 6nm process, the CPU core is a customized version of A78 architecture Kryo 670, the highest frequency can reach 2.4GHz, the integrated GPU is Adreno 642L, and Qualcomm The sixth-generation artificial intelligence engine has a computing power of 12 TOPS, which is very suitable for placing on a tablet.

The new Huawei MatePad 2022 also retains the advantages of screen and audio and video, using a 10.4-inch high-definition eye protection screen with a resolution of 2000 × 1200, 225 PPI, and a screen ratio of 84%.

This screen has passed the dual certification of TÜV Rheinland low blue light and TÜV Rheinland no stroboscopic, which can reduce some harmful blue light, and has a natural color display, which allows the screen to change with the ambient color temperature, supports photosensitive eye protection, and can intelligently adjust the brightness. The tablet also has an e-book mode for long-term reading users, which can turn the screen into a black-and-white color display mode, simulating the real reading effect of a book, allowing users to focus more on text reading.

In terms of audio and video, the 10.4-inch screen, plus four-channel surround sound composed of 4 large-amplitude speakers, as well as Harman Kardon certified sound certification and HUAWEI Histen technology blessing can bring very good theater-level audio-visual effects. The large 7250mAh battery also supports 22.5W, which can provide good battery life for Huawei MatePad 2022.

Next, let’s take a look at what’s special about this Huawei MatePad 2022. The following picture shows the parameter information:


Huawei MatePad 2022 continues the shape of the previous generation, with a fourth-class narrow-frame high-definition eye protection full screen, a 10.4-inch body size, a resolution of 2000 × 1400, and a PPI 225.

In the horizontal screen state, the top frame is equipped with an 8MP camera in front and is equipped with a notification light, and the visual hiding effect is very good, unless it is illuminated by strong light, it is basically invisible in daily use. The back has an island blue color scheme, which looks very fashionable. In addition, the back cover is frosted, which is very comfortable to hold in the hand.

Huawei MatePad 2022 is very restrained in the design of the back. There is only the HUAWEI LOGO in the middle and the shallower Harman Kardon logo at the bottom. There are no other words. The rear camera has local details, and the 8-megapixel lens can meet the needs of daily scanning and taking pictures. The power button and volume buttons are on the right side of the MatePad 2022 body.

There are 4 speakers on the left and right sides, forming a surround sound, plus 3 microphones, and the blessing of Harman Kardon tuning technology, whether it is watching movies or voice and video conversations, there will be very good results.

Education Center Experience

Under the epidemic, online classes have become an absolute necessity, and tablet computers have also found new uses. Compared with notebooks, they are more flexible and comfortable and are very suitable for children to learn.

In Huawei MatePad 2022, the built-in education center has been fully upgraded, covering preschool children, elementary, middle, and high school. During the online class, the teacher is not around, and the parents are either busy with work or unable to provide guidance. Once a problem cannot be dealt with in a timely manner, the practicality of the education center is highlighted. One to solve the problems of many students.

Next, let’s take a look at the uniqueness of the education center of Huawei MatePad 2022.

When you open the education center for the first time, there will be options customized for each age, namely the “Baby Paradise” for 0-8 years old and the “Learning Desktop” for elementary, middle, and high school. Compared with the previous generation, the options have been simplified and clearer.

Let’s choose the latter first to see what’s special.  Go directly to the learning page, which shows the curriculum very intimately (of course, you need to manually supplement the information), which is very intuitive, and the bottom is the expansion information related to learning. Different from ordinary apps, after entering the education center, the notification messages and push notifications of the original system will be blocked, allowing students to concentrate on their studies. Without the parental assistance password, students cannot directly exit the education center.

In addition, you can also enter the parental assistance function through the avatar. In addition to the conventional application restrictions and time management, there are also features such as blue light filtering, distance reminder, and photosensitive reminder, which can protect students’ eyesight to the greatest extent. There is also a time limit for a single-use in time management, take the initiative to help children put down the tablet to relax their eyes.

The main subjects of Chinese, mathematics, and Chinese are relatively comprehensive. There are not only various textbooks and dictionaries, but also many extended learning materials outside the textbooks, which can allow students to further expand their knowledge.

The knowledge point map is very systematic. It basically extracts the main points of each chapter. It can also gradually understand where students’ weaknesses are through AI and provide more accurate tutoring. Based on domestic curriculum standards, it provides personalized testing and improvement.

In terms of art, there are two categories of art and music, which can help children develop their observation, memory, imagination, and creativity, and also allow children to express their own emotional expression.

For the purpose of entertaining and entertaining, the education center also has built-in chess and programming columns. Chess includes chess and Go, which can exercise children’s abstract imagination, logical thinking, overall situation, and judgment.

Although programming cannot be compared with professional level, it can cultivate children’s computational thinking and creative problem-solving ability. The education center also provides courses such as introductory teaching and grade testing of various art subjects, and children can also study systematically.

If you want to change the grade, just click the grade next to the avatar in the upper left corner, you can change the learning resources that suit your child, and the side layout will also change.

When I come to junior high school and high school, I will remove art projects and highlight various major subjects. After all, learning is the main goal at this time. If you want to improve your grades, you must keep brushing the questions and deepen your understanding of the knowledge points.

The education center also has many built-in apps related to learning, even adults who have graduated can dig out the “treasures” they need from it.

We are now switching to “Baby Paradise”, the interface is simple and cartoony, which is very suitable for the taste of the baby, which can greatly improve the interest and enthusiasm for learning.

The interface is divided into five categories: “Story Castle”, “Kingdom of Chinese Characters”, “Digital Paradise”, “Art Island” and “Social Communication”.

Since it is aimed at 0-8 years old, it is more to use picture books or videos to explain primary knowledge to children and establish the correct three views.

System experience

In addition to education, Huawei MatePad 2022, as a tablet, with its own HarmonyOS, has also done a lot of thinking in terms of productivity and can exert its greatest strength.

Through multi-screen collaboration, smart split-screen, parallel world, and many other innovative interactive functions, it can easily achieve computer-like multitasking operations. With the keyboard, Pencil, and other accessories, MatePad 2022 can easily be transformed into a thin and light office device. It is more convenient to carry on a daily basis. The scene of carrying a computer home during the Shenzhen epidemic will no longer be the case.

Parallel horizon

As we all know, the compatibility of pillapps is far less than that of mobile phones. Many apps on mobile phones are not individually adapted to the tablet, and can only be displayed in a vertical screen or “forced fullscreen”, which cannot fully take advantage of the large screen of the tablet.

Parallel horizons are more tricky. Without the need for app developers to adapt, click the page in the app and create a new window directly to achieve a split-screen effect, which can maximize the use of the tablet’s large-screen advantage, allowing the application to be used in The operation under the horizontal screen is more flexible.

Smart split screen

The smart split-screen is divided into two parts. The first one can display two apps at the same time as shown in the figure above. Users can also adjust the screen ratio of the app through the dividing line in the middle.

The second is as shown in the figure above, allowing the App to be displayed in the form of small windows, and a maximum of 2 small windows are allowed.

It can be seen that Huawei has in-depth thinking about the horizontal screen ecology of the tablet, and can give full play to the advantages of the tablet’s large screen and double the efficiency of multitasking operations.

Multi-screen collaboration

When it comes to HarmonyOS 2, we have to mention another feature – multi-screen collaboration. This technology allows “two screens to converge into one screen” to achieve seamless interaction across devices and all scenes. Tablet keyboards, screens, speakers, etc. can also be used. Become a mobile phone peripheral.

After the mobile phone is successfully coordinated with the tablet, the multi-screen collaboration interface can be maximized, the operation logic is basically the same as that of the tablet, and the operation effect is the same as that of the native app.

Through multi-screen collaboration, users can drag and drop files between the mobile phone and the tablet, and even share the clipboard between the mobile phone and the tablet, or draw on the tablet and further process on the PC, realizing more convenient and efficient operations.

Game and audio-visual experience

Huawei MatePad 2022 version uses the Snapdragon 778G chip, TSMC 6nm process, the CPU core is a customized version of the A78 architecture Kryo 670, the highest frequency can reach 2.4GHz, the integrated GPU is Adreno 642L, and it also has a sixth-generation artificial intelligence engine. .

The Snapdragon 778G is positioned in the mid-range mainstream market, with moderate specifications, well-controlled power consumption and heat generation, and excellent energy efficiency ratio and performance. It is not only widely used in mobile phones, but also favored by many tablet computers.

Now, let’s take a look at the performance of the game part.

– Game experience

1. King’s Glory

In “Honor of Kings”, we changed the frame rate to high, the resolution to ultra-high, and the total picture quality defaulted to the extreme.

During the game, the frame rate can be around 60 frames, which is still very smooth.

2. QQ Speed

In “QQ Speed”, we changed the game’s image quality settings to ultra-high, the resolution to ultra-clear, and the in-game frame rate and out-of-game frame rate to high.

In the fast-matching multiplayer game, the game frame rate is still very stable, basically at 58-60 frames, which is also close to full-frame. The Snapdragon 778G mid-range SoC used by Huawei MatePad 2022 is very good, the body heat is not high, and it can basically play most games on the market.

Audio experience

In terms of film and television experience, the 10.4-inch screen, plus four-channel surround sound composed of 4 large-amplitude speakers, as well as Harman Kardon certified sound certification, and HUAWEI Histen technology blessing can bring very good cinema-level audio-visual Effect.

The above picture shows the proofs of the mobile phone, and it can be seen that the screen performance is very good.

If you don’t have subtitles, don’t worry. The HarmonyOS 2 system on Huawei MatePad 2022 supports AI subtitles. It can generate subtitles in real-time by recognizing video sounds, and can also be automatically translated into Chinese. Even if you eat “raw meat”, you don’t need to worry about not understanding it.


The Huawei MatePad 2022 has a built-in 7250mAh large-capacity battery, which we charged using the 22.5W charger that came with the package.

We started charging from 5%, charged to 91% after one hour of work, and then entered the charging protection mode. The remaining 10% took 40 minutes, and it took 123 minutes to fully charge. The author recommends charging to about 80-90%, which can protect the battery and reduce the charging time.

Battery Test

For the battery life, we use the professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology to test.

For the test items, we chose the limit battery endurance test, and checked all test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing, simulating real usage scenarios and restoring the real load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the real power consumption.

We set the manual brightness to 50%, 86% of the power was consumed in 8 hours and 24 minutes, and the remaining 14% can provide about 1 hour and a half of battery life. The total battery life of Huawei MatePad 2022 is about 10 hours.

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In the tablet market, if the Apple iPad represents an iconic presence, the Huawei MatePad is the strongest challenger. With its advantages in software and hardware design and smart full-scene, Huawei MatePad is the best solution, whether it is office productivity, audio-visual entertainment, or education.

The Huawei MatePad 10.4-inch 2022 model is not top-notch in terms of hardware specifications, but it is very balanced, and for tablets, the hardware configuration is never the most critical.

There are also many tablet PCs on the market with the slogan of “learning machine”, but the experience is uneven, and the Huawei MatePad 10.4-inch 2022 model not only systematically integrates educational resources, suitable for all ages, but also has unique first-hand software and hardware combination training has set a new benchmark.

Huawei MatePad 2022 has a built-in powerful education center, making it a “personal teacher” for students, capable of precise learning and tutoring of knowledge points for students at different stages, even at home. Brush questions are more targeted and efficient.

There are also a variety of quality development courses, including a wealth of quality development resources such as programming, art, and music, to help children develop comprehensively, focus on comprehensive ability training, and guide children to cultivate broad interests.

What is more intimate is that in the process of children using the education center, they are not disturbed by the notification messages and push notifications of the original system, allowing students to concentrate on their studies.

The most worrying thing about students taking online classes is their eyes. In terms of eye protection, the 10.4-inch screen of Huawei MatePad 2022 has passed the dual certification of TüV Rheinland for low blue light and TüV Rheinland without stroboscopic, plus blue light filtering, distance reminder, photosensitive reminder, and other functions, the combination of software and hardware can help children It can establish good tablet habits, application restrictions, and time management so that parents can be confident about the length of their children’s tablet use.

In addition to learning, in terms of productivity, HarmonyOS 2’s multi-screen collaboration, smart split-screen, parallel horizon, and other functions can maximize the advantages of screen space, multi-purpose on one screen, and double the efficiency.

In terms of entertainment, with a 10.4-inch screen and four speakers, as well as Harman Kardon certified sound certification and HUAWEI Histen technology blessing, you can also enjoy an excellent cinematic look and feel at home.

The large 7250mAh battery can provide up to 10 hours of battery life, which can be used with peace of mind without any power anxiety.

This multi-purpose Huawei MatePad 10.4-inch 2022 tablet, which takes into account education, productivity, audio-visual entertainment, is priced at 2199 yuan for the 6GB+64GB Yuedong version, 2399 yuan for the 6GB+128GB Yuedong version, and there is also a full Netcom 6GB+ The 128GB Yuedong version is priced at 2699 yuan.

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