Huawei VR Glass 6DoF Game Set Review: Lightweight Headset


Huawei’s VR Glass was launched. It was Huawei’s stepping stone in the VR field. However, it only supported 3DoF at the time, which was not a perfect VR Glass. Huawei released an upgraded version of the Huawei VR Glass 6DoF game set.

Some students may ask, what is 6DoF? What is the difference between it and 3DoF?

DoF is the abbreviation of Degree of Freedom, which means “degree of freedom”.

In the VR field, 3DoF means that there are only 3 degrees of freedom, that is, after you bring your VR device, you can watch the VR world by tilting your head left and right, tilting and tilting your head.

In addition to 3 rotation angles, 6DoF can also move forward and backward, left and right, and up and down. It can truly blend into the virtual world and engage in various interactions, just like Huawei said at the press conference, “not just watching movies”!

Most of the VR devices we have seen are in the shape of a helmet, but Huawei VR Glass has taken a different approach by separating the battery and computing chip from the headset so that the product can be made very thin and light, which looks like a very fashionable pair of high-end sunglasses.

The two design schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the author prefers Huawei’s split design for the following reasons:

1. Thinner and lighter

After separating the battery and computing unit, Huawei VR Glass is one of the thinnest VR headsets currently on the market. The thickness is only 1/3 of that of traditional VR devices, and the weight is only 188g. Even if you wear it for a long time, it will not feel very tired.

Traditional VR devices are all helmet styles, weighing more than 500g. After wearing, the weight is concentrated on the forehead. The front is heavy and the back is light. Wearing the neck for a long time is easy to fatigue.

2. Diopter can be adjusted

Both eyepieces of Huawei VR Glass can freely adjust myopic refraction and support 0-700 degree adjustment. As long as the nearsightedness does not exceed 700 degrees, after adjustment, you can see the VR picture clearly without wearing additional nearsighted glasses.

Traditional helmets are VR headsets, most of which are customized lenses based on their own myopia and cannot be adjusted. In other words, only 2 eyes can be used by people with the same nearsightedness as you. Once your vision changes, it will be very uncomfortable to use it again.

3. You can freely replace high-performance mobile phones as computing units

In recent years, the semiconductor manufacturing process has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the performance has also improved! Traditional VR headsets integrate computing units that seem convenient, but they are not.

For example, 3 years ago, a VR headset integrated the Snapdragon 821, the strongest processor of the year, but now, this 14nm process processor is far behind in terms of performance and power consumption. High-quality VR games like “Mercenary 3D” not only run very sluggishly but also generate a lot of heat.

Huawei VR Glass uses a split design to separate the computing chip from the headset and replace it with a mobile phone as the computing unit of the device.

In other words, after many years, you can still use the latest generation of HarmonyOS mobile phones as the computing unit of Huawei’s VR Glass. Don’t worry about the performance of VR Glass being out of keeping with the times. For VR display devices, resolution, refresh rate, and field of view are the three most important parameters.

Of course, the higher the resolution, the better, and the high resolution can display more delicate pictures. The refresh rate determines the degree of dizziness. The higher the refresh rate, the less likely to be dizzy when watching VR. The refresh rate of current mainstream VR devices can reach 90Hz.

The field of view represents how much area you can see, and the higher the number, the better.

The single-eye resolution of the Huawei VR GIass is 1600*1600, and the binocular can reach 3200*1600. As for the refresh rate, VR GIass is 70Hz when connected to a mobile phone, and can reach 90Hz when connected to a computer.

Until now, the resolution and refresh rate of VR GIass can still reach the current mainstream level.

The only regret may be that there is only a 90-degree field of view, and a black frame will be seen at the edge of the viewing angle. However, after entering the virtual world, most of them will not care about this problem.


Huawei VR Glass uses a sunglasses-style design and weighs only 188g, so you won’t feel tired even if you wear it for a long time.

A vision module is inserted on the VR Glass. Its load is only 22 grams. It can track gesture movements through infrared optics, which can achieve millimeter-level precise positioning. It looks like a pair of stylish and cool sunglasses.

Two eyepieces, a single resolution of 1600×1600, two together is 3200*1600. After removing the mask, you can see the eyepiece body. Both eyepieces can adjust the refractive index of myopia, support 0-700 degree adjustment, the number on the dial, 1 represents 100 degrees, and so on, 7 represents 700 degrees.

If it is a traditional helmet-mounted VR device, the diopter is fixed, and once the vision changes, the screen cannot be seen clearly.

This is a controller distributed by Huawei VR Glass, which supports 3DoF control. It needs to be paired with a mobile phone before it can be connected to the glasses. However, after connecting the vision module in the suit to the glasses, the controller is also disabled, and two handles are used to replace the control.

This is the 6DoF package, 2 handles, and a vision module. There are 2 6DoF control handles in total. This is the left-hand control button. Below the joystick is the menu button.

Since 6DoF has a much higher calculation capacity than 3DoF, the mobile phone will also have obvious heating during use. For this reason, Huawei has included a heat dissipation back clip to cool the mobile phone. This back clip can be stapled around your waist so that you can use VR Glass with your mobile phone.

This is the connection line between Huawei VR Glass and the mobile phone. There is also a Type-C charging port on it. You can use a fast-charging head or a mobile power supply to charge the mobile phone and VR Glass. Type-C data cable.

Setting and hardware Test

1. Connect Huawei VR Glass and HarmonyOS mobile phone

Huawei VR Glass currently only supports mobile phones equipped with HarmonyOS 2. Here we are using Huawei Mate30 Pro.

When Huawei VR Glass is connected to a mobile phone equipped with HarmonyOS 2 for the first time, the “Huawei VR” APP installation prompt will pop up. At this time, you only need to disconnect the phone from the glasses and operate directly on the phone.

After the Huawei VR APP is installed, the handle and the vision module will be automatically paired. At this time, the handle indicator will always be on. Press the menu button, X button or Y button on the left handle to activate the left handle. Press the home button, A button or B button on the right handle to activate the right handle.

Security zone setting

Every time you use Huawei VR Glass in a different place, you need to encircle a safe area on the spot. Press the trigger button of the handle, and open the finger-safe area according to the currently available space range, and the maximum safe use area of ​​5mx5m totaling 25 square meters can be drawn.

When drawing a safe area, if an obstacle is encountered, the direction of the safe area will be automatically set within the obstacle, and an alarm will be issued once it moves out of the bounds. The protective net will automatically emerge, and Huawei VR Glass will turn on the perspective mode to see the surrounding environment to prevent falling or hitting a wall.

The safety area protection net, once it leaves the designated safety area, protection net will automatically emerge. After setting the safe area, the surrounding scene will become like the above. The feeling will be more obvious by watching the video animation.

Built-in APP

Huawei VR Glass integrates a large number of VR applications and VR games, and you can also directly enter the application market to download the VR applications you need. The icon in the lower-left corner is the application market.

In the application market, you can download a variety of VR applications and 6DoF games. Below we download a few applications to experience the shocking effects brought by 6DoF.

1. Mercenary 3D

” Mercenary 3D ” is a shooting game. In the game, you not only need to use accurate marksmanship to shoot the enemy but also need to dodge and move to avoid the enemy’s bullets.

The rhythm of the game is intense and exciting, but the editor’s marksmanship is not very good.

2: No Odd Knife

“No Strange Knife” is a VR action role-playing game that allows you to experience the feeling of flying over the wall and the refreshing feeling of killing the enemy with one blow.

This game is simple and rude, with a strong sense of slashing when hacking, and each level is a completely different scene, and it has an anti-vertigo design, so you will not feel dizzy even if the scene changes quickly.

3. Header to win

The game method of “Header To Win” is very simple, just block back the cue ball shot from all sides.

But it seems simple to say, but in fact, it is not so easy. You need to grasp the angle of the shot and use the correct posture. If the ball is too high, you need to jump up.

4. Fantasy skiing

“Fantasy Skiing” is a sports VR game in which players rely on their body movements to control the game.

5. Extreme exploration

“Extreme Exploration” is actually a comprehensive application that allows you to better understand the various user functions of the 6DoF handle, and you can also watch various wonderful and spectacular natural landscapes, and there are several very interesting games that will let you Can’t put it down.

There are several game cassettes on the desktop. Just pick up the cassettes and insert them into the game console if you want to play any game.

6. Movie viewing experience

Huawei VR Glass has a built-in Huawei video app. Of course, you can also go to the app market to download the iQiyi VR app. Here we directly use Huawei Video APP for display.

When playing movies on Huawei Video APP, it can simulate the playing scenes of movie theaters, such as selecting IMAX mode, having a larger screen, and also choosing the setting of the theater and the viewing distance.

As far as the use effect is concerned, I feel that in IMAX mode, I can indeed experience the look and feel of the theater.

Steam VR game experience

In addition to the APP that comes with Huawei VR Glass, you can also connect to a computer and play hundreds of VR games on Steam. Like other VR devices, if you want to connect to a computer, you need to buy a cable yourself. Huawei officially recommends Belkin VR computer data cable or FIBBR VR optical fiber computer data cable.

1. Half-Life Alyx

Do not give any explanation for this game, this is a game that any VR player should not miss. As a revolutionary 3A masterpiece, it combines the advantages of many VR games into one, and it is a cross-age VR game.

2. Beat Saber

As a VR gamer, when you want to show your friends the unique charm of VR games, “Rhythm Lightsaber” is always the first choice.

Many VR games control virtual swords to perform various slashes at will. This is not the case with “Rhythm Lightsaber”. When you gradually become proficient in the game, wielding a red and blue sword, and through continuous training, the random gestures will eventually become a precise blow. The strong sense of blow and the raising of the sword will bring you pleasure forms a perfect combination, and the sense of accomplishment that it brings will make you feel that the money you paid for the purchase of VR equipment is worth it.

3. Space Engine ( SpaceEngine )

“Space Engine” can satisfy your dream of traveling in space. You can explore everything from the earth where we were born to the moon to the eight planets in the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe outside the Milky Way. Moreover, the known universe in it all exists 1:1 in reality.

The universe engine strictly abides by various laws of physics and natural rules. Therefore, the various wonders you see in the constant exploration of the universe may also exist in reality.

As a VR game, the sense of integration it brings is incomparable with a picture or a video. For example, when you are in the space between the earth and the moon, with the moon in front, you can see behind when you turn around. The earth feels like an astronaut.

If you are an astronomy enthusiast, then this game is definitely worth the price of VR equipment. PS Don’t underestimate the 4GB capacity of this game itself. After I downloaded all the DLC, the capacity has soared more than 10 times.

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People who have never eaten Peking duck may not have any feelings and turmoil in their hearts when they mention Peking duck, but as long as they have eaten it once, they will never forget it.

After experiencing Huawei VR Glass 6DoF, I learned that there are so many ways to play VR, and the world of VR is so wonderful!

You can freely explore and travel in the universe, you can immersively watch the beautiful scenery around the world, you can integrate your body into the virtual world to interact with it, and experience games that you have never experienced before.

Compared with common VR devices made of helmets, Huawei VR Glass 6DoF is one of the thinnest VR devices at present, and it is not only thin and light, but also very stylish and cool in design, just like wearing a pair of high-end sunglasses.

In terms of content experience, Huawei VR Glass has done a lot of work, with a large number of highly playable VR games and VR videos built-in. In addition, after connecting Huawei VR Glass 6DoF to the computer, you can play hundreds of VR games on Steam.

If you want to experience the wonders of the virtual world and you happen to have a mobile phone equipped with HarmonyOS 2, then we strongly recommend that you purchase the Huawei VR GIass 6DoF game set.

The official price of the Huawei VR GIass 6DoF game set is 3999 yuan, or you can buy it separately. For users who have bought Huawei VR GIass in the past, they only need to buy a set of 6DoF equipment for 1999 yuan. At present, Huawei VR GIass 6DoF is carrying out a flash sale in Huawei VMALL mall. The original price is 3999 yuan, but it can be obtained at only 3499 yuan.


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