Hubsan H002 Nano Q4 RC Quadcopter with 720p Camera


Normal quadcopters use their camera as a means of navigation. But some copters use them as a flying camera to take pictures, shoot videos. The Hubsan H002 is one of such nano RC Quadcopters that is equipped with a 720p camera.

The H002 comes in white plastic body made from ABS material. It measures 6.8*6.8*2.5cm like a real nano size.The camera is located on the front of the copter, feels more like the mouth rather than the eye of the copter. The best thing about the H002 is its 720P camera that can get u amazing in the air camera experience. It also gets you the First person View.


The Headless mode on the H002 make the flight even easier, you dont need to adjust the orientation of the copter. It comes with 4 channel transmitter that enables the H002 with Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation; Throw to fly etc giving easier flight control.

Hubsan H002 makes the most out of its  6 axis gyro system and makes the copter more stable during the flight. You can even make the copter stay still in the same position in air. If you wanna fly the copter at night, the LED’s on the H002 will pinpoint the location of the copter.

We haven’t got much detailed information on the H002 but  with the above mentioned specs and features, you can sure consider buying it as it just 27.59$ for a 720p camera drone. Click here to buy it by using the coupon code: GB9%.


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