Hubsan H501M X4 AIR Review: a 720P HD Camera with GPS WiFi FPV Brushless RC Drone (Coupon Inside)


The Hubsan H501M X4 AIR latest update in the APP driven FPV Quadcopter range and features a built-in 720P HD Camera, return to home mode, built-in GPS, GPS waypoints, altitude adjust and superior brushless motors for increased flight time and a headless flight mode to make the quad even easier to fly.


Hubsan H501M X4 AIR is a relatively small quadcopter, only 21.8 * 21.8cm / 8.6 * 8.6in (L * W) in size and 500g in Weight. It is made of a common type of material called ABS Plastic, which is lightweight and durable enough to resist most crashes and hits. Therefore ensuring the drone won’t break or bend easily. Hubsan H501M X4 AIR comes in Gray color. As you can see, in the image, it’s a neat looking drone, not the typical design that most drones have. Design of this Quadcopter is really impressive and beautiful. Hubsan H501M X4 AIR design has included rechargeable lipo battery, 7.4V 2700mAh, underpins around 20 minutes flight time. it has long last battery with better camera performance. it works in 6-Axis Gyro, more grounded breeze protection and more steady, for both indoor and outside flight.

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Hubsan H501M X4 AIR has brushless quadcopter, relish H501S and H501A, is equipped with all of GPS and HD camera. The beautiful aircraft features the sensible Waypoints and an updated HT009 transmitter. The GPS does Altitude Hold and improves the durability and exodus safety. Intelligent removal modes, including Follow Me, Waypoints, and Point of Interest came up to snuff you to get mutually lessen and end stunning shots. Thanks to a GPS-backed navigation system, the drone is able to remember its “home,” or takeoff, point. If the connection is lost with the transmitter, Failsafe Mode will engage, causing the quadcopter to automatically return to the home point and land. You can also manually trigger Failsafe Mode via a switch on the transmitter. With App Waypoint Function, easy to control and more relaxation and time to enjoy the flight experience. In this mode, the drone will lock onto the position of the transmitter and track it. This is extremely beneficial when recording a moving subject that would be tricky to follow manually. In this mode, based on readings from a barometer, the drone will maintain a fixed altitude. Horizontal movement, as well as rotation (yaw), will still be enabled. In this mode, there is no longer a defined “nose” and “tail.” Instead, the aircraft always moves relative to the pilot – pressing forward moves forward, pressing left moves left, and so on. This keeps flying more intuitive, especially for beginner pilots. Your smart device screen allows you to monitor real-time video from the FPV camera and will display vital flight telemetry data to keep you apprised of what is happening in the air. Brushless motors provide better performance than their brushed counterparts. In addition, propeller attachment is self-tightening for additional security.


Hubsan H501M X4 AIR RC Quadcopter is one of the best copters comes with long last battery with a great flight time of 20min. it has a beautiful camera for a better result. it is available on RCMoment at $128.79. for the more discount use coupon code: H501M and 120 points to enjoy the price.


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