Invest in Crypto with These New Promising Projects


With the ever-growing list of new altcoin projects hitting the crypto world, finding the best crypto to invest in can be quite challenging. Like any other financial investment, if you’re looking to invest in crypto, you’ll need to do your own research to identify which coin has a clear road map and long-term vision.

There are many altcoins that get into the market promising heaven, only to prove costly to unsuspecting crypto traders who rushed in to invest. They say, if a deal is too good, think twice – this applies to investing in new cryptocurrencies. There are basic guidelines you can use to sieve the wheat from the chaff when researching new altcoins. 

A quick look at the new project’s team or founders, their history and vision for the crypto space can tell you a lot about the project’s authenticity.

With that in mind, here are some noteworthy new crypto projects you can add to your investment portfolio.


Hashbon is a crypto payment provider that allows business and individuals to transact using digital currencies worldwide. While it was established just a few years ago, the platform has gained popularity due to its easy integration payment solutions and 0% transaction feature.

Besides, Hashbon users have access to over 30 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash. With a payment gateway that integrates to a website with one line of code, business owners can access Hashbon’s auto settlement feature — a unique option that lets themexchange crypto for fiat currency automatically without having to manually go to the exchange platform.

Hashbon also recently launched their own utility Token, the Hash token, for their growing client base. Hash is compiled under BEP-20 and ERC-20. These standards guarantee a secure and reliable token that is easily integrated into crypto ecosystems, such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain. Holding Hash tokens allows you to enjoy special crypto exchange rates.

HASH has become a promising project due to its extended market reach and ability to promote swift business operations at low costs.

The platform has already listed HASH on Coinsbit, allowing its users to trade on the token. With more businesses now accepting crypto payments, Hashbon is likely to extend its reach even wider.

Hashbon has the following features:

  • The token offers cashbacks and premiums to its holders within the Hashbon ecosystem.
  • A billion HASH tokens will be released in circulation.
  • HASH is available on both Binance and Ethereum smart chain networks.
  • Hash holders enjoy low exchange rates when converting crypto to fiat currencies.


Timecoin is a decentralized protocol that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol distinguishes itself from data selling by prioritizing community engagement first, thus foregoing a monopoly position. Its no DE platforming makes Time Coin protocol among the exciting new crypto coins project.

The project is anchored on a multi-layered architect through which it aims to advance a sharing economy that is simpler and fairer.

Timecoin protocol has a coin of its own called the TimeCoin abbreviated as TMCN. The main purpose of the TMCN is to support the protocol functions, which is why it is issued on Ethereum. Additionally, TMCN can also be used as a payment currency for businesses.

Notable features include:

  • Supporters of TimeCoin can also receive rewards in the form of the TMCN.
  • TMCN can be converted into other cryptos or fiat at a low rate.
  • Easy and fairer network based on a multi-layer algorithm.

TimeCoin exchanges at $0.0011615 with a total of 40M tokens.


Another new crypto project is Bluzelle, a decentralized network that blockchain-based apps can use to store data. Initially, blockchain apps had been limited with regards to what they can utilize blockchain for.

For instance, while transactions and token issuance usually take place on-chain, storage of any app-related data takes place off-chain. This helps developers avoid the high costs of storing app data on Ethereum blockchain or similar blockchain.

Unfortunately, the off-chain storage denies apps the security provided by blockchain technologies.

Bluzelle was developed to bridge this gap with the following features:

  • A decentralized database that is interoperable, thus allowing participating nodes to offer their storage capabilities to the network.
  • Nodes receive a share of the fees traders pay for using the storage.
  • The Bluzelle network fees are competitive compared to the charges paid to other storage companies.

The network has a token called the BLZ, which is an access pass in the Bluzelle ecosystem. BLZ is currently listed on leading exchanges.

Bluzelle has already sold 165M of its BLZ token with a total market supply of 500M tokens. The platform had targeted and raised funds worth $19.5M towards its BLZ project. The altcoin’s initial price was $0.12, but this is likely to change as its reach widens.


The Elrond blockchain platform launched its mainnet in mid-2020. With speeds of up to 250,000 transactions per second, the sharding mechanism unique to the blockchain has propelled its popularity among market experts.

In addition to its many crypto solutions, the project launched its eGLD token, which recently hit a market capitalization of over $1 billion.

eGLD is among the few best coins to invest in because of the following features:

  • The eGLD community currently has over 90,000 account holders.
  • Elrond has also collaborated with Shyft Network, a public blockchain protocol that embeds validation and trust into data. This has enabled Elrond users to participate in a larger ecosystem of data opening up a whole new context of executing smart contracts.
  • Secure proof of stake, the new approach consensus, which is fast and ensures long term security and fairness.
  • It uses a unique sharding mechanism that skyrocketed its speeds.
  • A 100% stake in Elrond’s eGLD guarantees 21.45% yearly returns.

Over 115 businesses have also onboarded the Elrond network and are using it for decentralized transactions.

Elrond’s roadmap highlights plans for hyper-growth with a goal to onboard over 1 billion users. This will increase the number of shards hence making the network more scalable.

Currently, eGLD has a market capitalization of $2.45B and exchanges at $146.44 on popular exchanges.

      5.Reef Token

Reef Finance is all about bringing interoperability among the top Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols. The Reef Finance ecosystem aids cross-chain yield optimization and aggregates liquidity from centralized and decentralized exchanges. This has helped lower the technical barrier faced by users trying to access DeFi protocols.

With a simple to use app where you can access popular features of multiple DeFi protocols, such as smart lending and staking, it’s no surprise why this Polkadot powered ecosystem is gaining popularity.

Reef has risen in popularity, becoming a promising project due to its features, which include:

  • Reef chain integrates well with DeFi from Polkadot, Ethereum, Cosmos, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain.
  • The Reef ecosystem operates using the Reef Token, which can be used to pay protocol fees.
  • Investing in the REEF tokens allows you to be involved in the Reef ecosystem governance.
  • You can easily make cross-chain investments with your Reef tokens while also earning interest rates thanks to Reef’s smart yield engine.
  • Low transaction costs with no wasteful mining.

The Reef is a native utility token that began trading in late 2020 after a private sale allocation in the same year. There are 11 billion Reef tokens in circulation, which is 56% of the total 20 billion tokens. The altcoin has a market capitalization of $624M in a fully diluted market.


These projects symbolize a new generation of altcoins, although there are a lot more coming up. These coins have a clear roadmap, as evidenced by their whitepapers.

At the moment, the future of cryptos still looks bullish and even though institutional investing favours Bitcoin, there’s every sign that new tokens are receiving a keen eye. That said, it pays to be vigilant as we continue monitoring trends and changes in the ever-volatile crypto industry.


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