iPhone 12 Concept Appeared With A Under-Screen Selfie Camera


Adding to the iPhone one day using the screen fingerprint recognition unlock instead of face recognition, what would it look like? Recently a foreign media released a concept of iPhone 12. In this concept, the next flagship iPhone 12 has a comprehensive and Notched screen design, which everyone has criticized, and uses it directly on the screen.

In fact, the design of Notch directly on the screen has already been adopted by mobile phone brands. However, cut out Notch has a very troublesome problem. The face recognition unlocking module cannot be placed unless the module is placed at the bottom of the screen for concealed design. However, the advantage of cutting-off Notch is that the screen ratio of the iPhone 12 is greatly improved, and the viewing area is wider.

The iPhone 12 adopts this bold design, and in fact, it is also a technical challenge, either to slap Notch and face recognition unlock module, or to endure Notch design. In fact, the concept render of iPhone 12 is an expectation of another design concept of Apple, such as hiding some sensors under the screen and greatly increasing the screen ratio of the iPhone 12.

Of course, after canceling the face recognition unlocking module of the iPhone 12, it is worth noting that the bio-encryption method has become the fingerprint recognition unlocking under the screen, and the current fingerprint unlocking method is also relatively mature, and it is not difficult for the iPhone 12 to be equipped.

The iPhone 12 body material is still made of glass, and is still equipped with wireless charging technology, and will also greatly improve the wireless charging speed.

The rear camera of the iPhone 12 still features a dual camera design, but the sensor size of cameras are further improved from 1.4μm, so the shooting effect is better, and the exposure effect of the iPhone 12’s rear camera is also redesigned, so in-night time shooting It is also more entrenched.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 is likely to adopt the Apple Bionic A13 processor which performance improvement will be very obvious, and will still lead the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the Huawei’s Kirin processor, So the performance will be strong.

Do you like the design and hardware parameters of the iPhone 12? If it will actually available for sale in accordance with this form factor and hardware parameters, will you support and purchase it?

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