iPhone 12 Concept: Notch, A13 Bionic Chip, Rear Three Camera iPhone Peak


iPhones have a very high reputation in today’s market. iPhones have always been regarded by many consumers as a product of the altar, but with the development of the times, iPhones are not in the same way as before, the rapid rise of domestic mobile phones The iPhone is undoubtedly a huge blow. Many domestic mobile phones are mobile phones that can be used with the iPhone. It is enough to see the strength of domestic mobile phones. Of course, iPhones still have their own advantages, such as processors, systems, and workmanship. Recently, there has been foreign media exposure of the iPhone 12 renderings and related materials. Next, we will look at a iPhone Concept New Phone According to the renderings and parameters of the exposure, the iPhone 12 Concept is still designed with the notch.       iPhone12 is strong, according to the rendering of the exposure, the new concept of the iPhone 12 Concept is designed with Liu Haiping. The design of the bangs is the design that the iPhone has used since the beginning of X. The mobile phone is still designed with a notch. Of course, the iPhone’s use of Liu Haiping’s design was forced to help. Liu Haiping’s appearance was to get a head start in the trend of full screen, but now the iPhone is still in appearance. Liu Haiping, that is undoubtedly today adopts Liu Haiping design is an attitude, the screen size of the phone is 6.45 inches of the display screen, the screen uses the domestic BOE OLED screen, the resolution is 1080×2340 pixels, the screen ratio is 90.6%, The color value is 16 million.

According to the design of the exposure, the camera of the iPhone 12 Concept is designed inside the upper frame, and there are components such as sensors and loudspeakers in the frame. The main purpose of the sensor is to carry the Face developed by Apple. ID, the loudspeaker is for the quality of the call can be adequately guaranteed, the front-mounted single-camera mobile phone is very much in today’s market, and the iPhone Concept New Phone is pre-positioned with the front-mounted single-camera method. To cater to the needs of consumers, the iPhone Concept New Phone has a front-panel of 12 million pixels, a large aperture of F/2.2 intelligent aperture, and is equipped with AI smart beauty, AI studio light effects and other technologies.

With the development of the times, the mobile phone with rear three cameras is very popular among consumers in today’s market. Three photos have become the trend design in the market today. From the renderings, this new iPhone 12 Concept is behind. It is equipped with a rear three-shot method. It is equipped with an LED flash on the back of the phone. The camera and flash are arranged in a matrix. Matrix-Arranged mobile phones are not much in today’s market. The design of the phone and The camera can better attract the attention of consumers. The iPhone Concept New Phone of the rear camera is 16MP + 20MP + 12 Megapixels, and the aperture is the intelligent aperture of F/2.1, F/2.0, F2.2. The shooting is equipped with OIS optical image stabilization and PDAF phase focusing.

According to the parameters, this iPhone 12 Concept is equipped with Face ID on the unlock. Face ID is not provided as Apple’s unique face recognition technology. Face ID can only be seen on the iPhone, and the iPhone is now available. Still not using the hottest unlocking technology on the market, it is enough to see Apple’s emphasis on and confidence in Face ID. Face ID is no worse than the hottest screen fingerprints in terms of unlocking speed and security. The iPhone Concept New Phone uses Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass on the body material. The frame is made of all-metal material, and the body can be well protected.

Friends who have used iPhones know that the iPhone is not very good at battery life and does not allow us to get the ultimate battery life experience. According to the data, this iPhone Concept New Phone is equipped with a 4000 mAh inside the fuselage. Disassembled battery, equipped with 40W super fast charge and 27W wireless charging technology, it is very good in battery life. The battery equipped by the iPhone Concept New Phone belongs to the rank of big battery for iPhone, which allows us to get The ultimate battery life experience. The iPhone Concept New Phone cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack, uses wireless headphones, achieves IP67 level in dustproof, can support underwater recording and shooting, can better meet the needs of consumers, and the phone is working. Very good, very refined atmosphere.

According to the data, the iPhone 12 Concept is equipped with Apple’s own A13 bionic chip on the processor. The performance of this processor is definitely not questionable. As the next generation of A12 bionics, the performance is definitely There is a very significant improvement, the A12 bionic is manufactured using the latest 7nm process, then we can imagine what kind of process will be used in the A13 bionics? On the system is equipped with Apple’s own development of the IOS 13 system, the system and the processor complement each other, the performance is very good, can bring us the ultimate experience, running memory is 6GB, storage memory is 128GB/256GB.

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This iPhone 12 Concept is still using Notch design method in the design of the appearance. In your opinion, it is good for the iPhone to adhere to Notch. The iPhone 12 Concept adopts the three-shot method for the first time on the rear, which is sure to be amazing to everyone’s attention. The most important thing is that the aircraft is equipped with A13 bionic chip, which is very powerful in performance. It is the peak of the iPhone. How about the iPhone Concept New Phone? Does it suit your mind?

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