iPhone 12, iPhone 9, iPad Pro 2020 Revealed: Releasing in 2020


2020 will be the year of Apple’s products. The release of iPhone SE2 and the launch of iPhones that support 5G networks seem to be a matter of course.

A well-known journalist from VB, Jeremy Horwitz, also wrote an article to predict the plan for Apple’s new products in 2020. Let me know if you are interested.

In the article, Jeremy said that in addition to regular iPhone, iPad, and Mac updates, Apple’s long-planned AR-related products such as AR eyes are also expected to be displayed for the first time.

In terms of product lines, the iPhone product line will have five new products this year, the first of which is the iPhone SE2 released at the beginning of the year, of course, its name may become “iPhone 9”.

The four iPhones in the second half of the year are very big. To put it simply, the screen is larger, the first time it supports 5G, and the camera performs better. As for whether Liu Haiping can be killed off, adding the fingerprint function under the screen still needs further confirmation.

Therefore, Jeremy recommends that you do not upgrade the iPhone 11 first. It is a good choice to start with the iPhone 12 and wait for a year.

As for the iPad Pro, since Apple did not update this product line in 2019, it is bound to be upgraded next year. It may be equipped with a mini LED or OLED display, and the processor is bound to be more powerful.

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As for the support of rear-mounted multi-camera and 5G networks, there is only a possibility at present, and further information is yet to be revealed

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