iPhone 12 Pro Max Concept Leaked: T-shaped Four-Cameras


Foreign media are looking forward to iPhone12 Pro Max, and various news about iPhone12 Pro Max is also flying all over the world. In this set of conceptual renderings, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will use a screen punch design, and the number and position of rear cameras have also changed completely.  The iPhone 12 Pro Max has undergone drastic reforms in appearance. For example, the bangs screen part of the screen has been canceled. At the same time, the position of the rear camera on the back of the fuselage has also changed dramatically. At present, the appearance design of iPhone12 Pro Max has been very disruptive, and many design elements are completely different from domestic mobile phone manufacturers that are currently on sale.

The classic Notch of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen has been canceled, replacing the design of the screen punch. The design of the screen punch is currently technically very mature, but the dual-punch design of the front-facing four cameras like the iPhone12ProMax has not yet appeared. In particular, the iPhone12ProMax has a set of front-facing cameras on each side of the screen, and each set of cameras integrates two front-facing cameras.

This front-facing camera uses a screen perforation design solution with certain advantages. For example, the upper bezel portion of the mobile phone screen can be designed to be narrow, so the screen visible area has been greatly improved, and the display effect is also significant. Have certain advantages. However, this screen is designed with a hole-punch design for the front camera, and it is unknown whether it will affect the screen control in daily use.

iPhone 12 Pro Max’s body design still has a very high degree of recognition. For example, the appearance of the rear camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a subversive change. The rear camera of the iPhone12ProMax first undergoes a subversive change in position. It will have four cameras on the rear. The position has been shifted from the left side of the original fuselage to the right side of the fuselage, and the number of rear cameras on the fuselage has also been increased.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s rear camera integrates the three lenses together in an up and down arrangement. The iPhone12ProMax also designed a circular lens, which is designed on the left side of the three circular lenses. iPhone12ProMax’s rear four cameras are arranged in a T-shaped arrangement. As for how much the camera of this appearance has improved in photography, it is unknown. I hope that iPhone12ProMax will have a better performance in taking pictures.

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The iPhone12ProMax’s body is still made of glass. In addition, according to foreign media reports, the iPhone 12 Pro Max‘s processor will use Apple’s latest A14 processor, which will have great room for improvement in performance. In addition, whether the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with two-way wireless charging design is also a matter of great concern to the outside world, because the use of two-way wireless charging will be able to charge other Apple devices, which is very convenient and fast. From the appearance point of view, iPhone 12 Pro Max is much stronger than iPhone11.

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