IPhone 13 VS 12 First Comparison: With Full Specification!


a blogger revealed that the e-commerce platform has launched the new iPhone 13 series. There are four models, namely the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It will be officially released on September 17. This news is also considered to confirm the previous speculation about Apple’s press conference. From the time point of view, September 17th is exactly Tuesday. This is also the day when Apple has always held press conferences and has high credibility.

With the release of this news, various revelations about the iPhone 13 series have continued to emerge, and some netizens have even leaked a positive comparison between the suspected iPhone 13 VS iPhone 12.

According to the picture, the notch area of ​​the iPhone 13 series can be said to have changed very obviously. Its overall width seems to have been reduced by half, and the screen ratio visible to the naked eye has increased. The space in is reserved for Face ID.

It should be noted that in the picture exposed this time, the edge of the iPhone 13 screen seems to have returned to the 2.5D glass solution before the iPhone 11 series. This is slightly different from the previous news. There are also doubts that this picture may be directly modified by PS. of.

However, although the authenticity of this comparison chart is still doubtful, according to many sources for so long, the iPhone 13 is indeed a plan to replace the small bangs. This is also the first time Apple has changed the front appearance in four years. This is also the replacement. One of the most obvious upgrades in perception.

It is worth mentioning that there have been news from multiple supply chains that the high-end version of the iPhone 13 series will introduce high refresh for the first time, and will be equipped with an LTPO screen provided by Samsung, which can support smart refresh rate switching between 1-120 Hz. It’s smoother and more power-saving.

What is the difference between iPhone13 and iPhone12? Which is better, iPhone13 or iPhone12? Many users are asking this question. Let’s take a look at the comparison and analysis of the difference between iPhone13 and iPhone12. Those who are interested in Apple mobile phones should not miss it!

Screen refresh rate

  • iphone13: According to the news broke on the Internet, it is expected to be upgraded to 120Hz high brush, very much looking forward to it.
  • iphone12: The current refresh rate is still 60Hz, which can also meet daily use.

Summary: From the above point of view, iphone13 will have a higher refresh rate and better experience than iphone12.

The Processor

  • iphone13: The iPhone13 chip is upgraded to Apple’s A15 processor, which will further improve the performance of the CPU and GPU.
  • iphone12: A14 processor, SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, dual-card support, flash memory/memory is LPDDR+NvMe 4GB RAM.

Summary: By comparison, the iPhone13 processor is a bit stronger. But it has not been actually tested, just for reference.

Battery life

  • iphone13: Next year’s iPhone13 series will use soft-board battery technology, which can accommodate larger batteries.
  • iphone12: 2775mAh battery, 20W wired + 15W wireless, support IP68.

Summary: As the battery capacity of iPhone 13 has not been announced, but judging from the latest news, it will have a larger capacity than iphone12.

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Well, the above is a comparative introduction about the difference between iPhone13 and iPhone12, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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