iPhone SE 2 Concept Phone: Vertical Three Cameras is Better Than iPhone 11


The iPhone 11 series has been released, but the iPhone SE 2, which was previously reported by the media, is not in the release of this new product. However, foreign media is still based on their own guess, made a set of iPhone SE 2 concept renderings, in this set of iPhone SE 2 concept renderings, the same three rear camera design, also retains the front Notch Design the appearance.

The iPhone SE 2 retains the design look of the front-mounted Notch while retaining the 3D face recognition unlock design. However, iPhone SE 2 has added two front-facing cameras in the Notch area, so it looks very obvious overall. As for the iPhone SE 2, there is no under-screen fingerprint recognition unlock design. However, there is a media outbreak in the previous paragraph, claiming that Apple will still retain the 3D face recognition unlock design and the screen fingerprint recognition unlocks design.

The rear camera part of the iPhone SE 2 is completely different from the current iPhone11. Although the iPhone 11 uses a rear three-camera design, its Yuba style is ridiculed by fruit powder and the media. The rear camera of the iPhone SE 2 is also designed with three rear camera lenses, but the appearance is a three-lens way of arranging up and down. This design is consistent with the appearance of the iPhone XS lens, and the way of positioning up and down is still very high.

The iPhone SE 2 is still a glass body design, but the iPhone SE 2 is not only a built-in wireless charging module but also equipped with reverse wireless charging technology. It is said that the iPhone SE 2 has a significant improvement in the speed of wireless charging, and the speed of reverse wireless charging also has a very good performance. The iPhone A2 will also be equipped with the latest A13 processor, which is very powerful and fast.

In fact, I personally think that the iPhone 11 does not need to emulate the design of Huawei Mate20’s Yuba three cameras, but the iPhone SE 2 is better for the design of the top and bottom cameras. Because the original iPhone X’s rear-mounted rear camera has already had a high degree of recognition, and the rear-mounted Yuba three-shot has the suspicion of copying Huawei mobile phones. In fact, the design of the rear three cameras of the iPhone SE 2 is very beautiful, and the individual likes it very much.

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Do you like the design and hardware parameter design in the iPhone SE 2 Concept Phone? If the iPhone SE2 is actually available for sale in the concept and hardware parameters of the concept rendering, would you support and buy it?

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