iQOO Pro Hands-On: Cheapest 5G Phone, Really Incense


As an upgraded version of iQOO after half a year, what kind of performance can this new mobile phone with Pro suffix have? Let’s take a look.

iQOO takes “life and strength” as the concept, and naturally, it is necessary to achieve the ultimate in hardware. iQOO Pro uses the latest mobile phone chip Snapdragon 855 Plus, which is equipped with the Snapdragon X50 baseband while improving the CPU and GPU frequency. 5G full Netcom.

Storage is also a major upgrade highlight of iQOO Pro. UFS 3.0 storage, LPDDR4X memory, F2FS file system, and Monster compilation enhancement technology are all equipped. The official said that the storage read speed has increased by 85 %.

In the industrial design of the fuselage, iQOO Pro is basically the same as iQOO released on March 1 this year. It also carries a Super AMOLED waterdrop screen with a screen ratio of 91.7% and uses 4 curved glass back cover and slim middle frame. Improve the feel.

The card tray of this phone has been moved from the middle frame to the bottom of the phone and has been changed to a two-layer stack design. The 5G version supports 5G/4G dual card dual standby, so there is no need to worry about the 5G signal problem.

iQOO’s dark-light back cover no longer exists, replaced by the ultra- fast track texture inspired by the night lights of Le Mans racing, with the “Monster Inside” lettering and the just-right LED strips that were previously available in the top version. The inherent high performance of this phone.

iQOO Pro offers three color combinations: Racing Black, LeMans Blue, and Phantom Blue. Next to the iQOO logo on the back cover of the 5G version, the word “5G” was specifically added to highlight its unusuality.

The iQOO Pro battery capacity has been upgraded from iQOO’s 4000mAh to 4500mAh, an increase of 12.5%. The 44W power vivo Super FastCharge and L-shaped capsule design charging line have become the standard of iQOO Pro this time, bringing 100% 50%, 30 minutes 80%, 50% 100% charging performance.

In the scene of charging briefly before going out, we can deeply feel the superiority of the 44W fast charge. The increase in the battery also brought a small regret. The thickness of the iQOO Pro reached 9.325mm, and the weight was 4g 215g/5G version 217g.

The iQOO Pro rear-camera camera has been upgraded to become the mainstream 48MP sensor this year, taking a step further in the resolution of the camera. The sub-camera is a combination of 120° super-wide-angle and depth of field and can cope with quite a lot of scenes in combination with Super Macro mode.

The Hi-Fi function, which was once the highlight of the vivo mobile phone, was revived in the iQOO Pro. It is equipped with the AK4377A independent Hi-Fi decoder chip and the Hi-Res small gold standard. It also comes with a custom HiFi headset with an L-shaped 3.5 mm plug.

iQOO Pro’s camera interface is basically the same as the previous vivo phone, with special super-wide-angle and macro buttons to facilitate users to enter the corresponding mode. Let’s take a look at the live proofs. We made some compression for the convenience of uploading.

In the super wide-angle mode, you can shoot more scenes at 120° angle of view without worrying about the shooting.

​In the night scene mode, we saw the improvement of the details of the dark part. As the official iQOO official said, the night scene is not to shoot the night into the day.

The iQOO exclusive customization system comes with the iQOO Pro equipped with a new system called Monster UI, which has a Monster mode with full output performance. After opening, the wallpaper and icons have become the iconic black and yellow color.

The inter-transmission function (vivo, xiaomi, OPPO mobile phone can transfer files to each other) just announced a few days ago has appeared on iQOO Pro. After opening, you can select the device you want to transfer in the sharing menu.

Since the iQOO Pro’s border still has a pressure-sensitive button, it means that the phone also has game-related optimizations. The built-in game space is upgraded to version 2.0, allowing the phone to run the game in a more stable state, helping you to win easily.

Full-featured NFC should be on the iQOO Pro. In addition to the national bus card and virtual door card, it also added eID support. The vivo pay based on UnionPay payment is also in the public beta, and the mobile phone can be used as a personal bank card.

Xiaolei tested the Antu Bunny on the spot with iQOO Pro and scored a total score of 491,480 points, a CPU score of 145456, and a GPU score of 193,646. It is also the first echelon in the mobile phone of the 855 855 Plus.

Since the 5G version that supports Netcom and dual card dual standby is a major feature of iQOO Pro, we have to talk about its power in the 5G network.

5G maximum selling point ultra-high network speed naturally, needless to say, iQOO Pro 5G in the field test reached a speed of more than 1000Mbps, not to mention 4G is more than the cable broadband that Xiaolei is using.

Cloud games are also a big selling point in the 5G era. The staff demonstrated the experience of cloud games on iQOO Pro 5G: Cloud game apps are only a few megabytes in size locally but can open large games running in the cloud through 5G networks. Games like “Need for Speed” can also play at low latency.

It can be seen that 5G easily breaks through many bottlenecks in the current 4G network, making the download waiting time no longer exist, and solving the annoying delay problem in the game.

The 4G version of iQOO Pro can be said to be quite satisfactory. The price of 8+128GB/12+128GB version is 3198 yuan and 3498 yuan respectively. It will be officially launched at 0:00 on August 29.

iQOO Pro 5G makes people shine: 8+128GB version is only 3798 yuan, 8+256GB/12+128GB version is 3998 yuan and 4098 yuan respectively, which is not too expensive. This version will be limited to pre-sale at 0:00 on August 23 and officially on sale at 0:00 on September 2.

The pricing and release time of iQOO Pro broke the stereotype that “5G mobile phone is very expensive” and “5G mobile phone is far away from us”. Perhaps the first step of popularizing 5G mobile phone in China will start here.

What do you think of this first 5G mobile phone with excellent photo and game performance and a cheaper route?


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