iQOO Z5 Review: Highly Cost-Effective With Snapdragon 778G


iQOO has constantly been breaking through the ceiling of mobile phone performance. Now the product line has been perfected. The main series under its brand covers all levels: the flagship digital series, the neo series, which focuses on the price-performance ratio, and the thousand yuan market. The Z series also has the U series in the hundred yuan machine market.

Now, iQOO redefines the entry-level performance phone, bringing the public the iQOO Z5, known as the “performance pioneer”.

iQOO Z5 uses the highly cost-effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G mobile platform and is the first to carry a full-blood version of 6400Mbps LPDDR5 memory in the same level of mobile phone and a full-blood understanding of UFS 3.1 flash memory, forming a full-blooded performance “iron triangle” “.

The screen hasn’t shrunk either. It supports a 120Hz high-brush IPS screen and a large 5000mAh battery. The mainstream 64MP camera + 8MP ultra wide-angle + 2MP macro rear three cameras.

From the configuration point of view, this iQOO Z5 is very cost-effective at a thousand yuan machine. So, if anyone can talk on paper, it still depends on the performance of this phone. The following figure shows the specific parameter information of iQOO Z5:

Design & Appearance

The iQOO Z5 uses a 6.67-inch straight-edge IPS screen on the front, which is of good quality, with a resolution of 2400×1080, supports P3 color gamut and HDR10, a contrast ratio of 1500:1, rich color levels, and a comfortable screen look and feel.

And it also supports a 120Hz high brush, 240Hz touch sampling rate, and the maximum brightness can be increased to 650 nits, avoiding the embarrassment of not being able to see the screen clearly in daylight.

iQOO Z5 also uses the COF packaging process to achieve a narrow frame; the bottom edge is 3.94mm, the left and right sides of the screen are 1.8mm, and the top shelf of the screen is 2.24mm. The overall screen-to-body ratio can reach 91.36%. The center digging screen has a built-in 16 Megapixel front camera.

The back uses a composite material back shell, and the texture is naturally not as good as the more high-end flagship phones. However, iQOO is still thinking about this phone. Look closely at its back is covered with a wealth of fine particles. This soft matte skin-friendly back cover Can make the grip more comfortable.

Although the color is of blue origin, the blue is a bit deep, and if you don’t look closely, you think it is black.

The rear camera lens uses a straightforward three-camera solution, and the main specifications are 64 million primary camera lenses + 8MP ultra wide-angle lens + 2MP macro lens.

The buttons on the right, the volume up and down buttons on the top, and the fingerprint recognition/power button on the bottom.

Why not use the fingerprint under the screen? The light transmittance of the IPS LCD screen will make the light loss very large during the propagation process, which will cause the optical fingerprint module to fail to operate normally. It is more challenging to implement fingerprints under the screen on IPS LCD screens, so currently, only OLED screens will be used.

At the top of the iQOO Z5, I saw an old friend I hadn’t seen for a long time-the “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack. The small hole next to the headphone jack is a noise-canceling microphone. From left to right at the bottom: SIM card slot, microphone, USB-C interface, speaker. The attached charging head supports multiple output powers of 10W, 18W, and 40W.


iQOO Z5 uses a 6nm means Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G eight-core processor. The CPU uses an eight-core design with four 2.4GHz large cores + four 1.8GHz small cores. The GPU uses Adreno 642L and has a sixth-generation AIE engine.

From the data point of view, compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G, CPU and GPU performance is increased by about 40%.

In terms of memory and storage, iQOO Z5 uses a full-blood version of 6400Mbps LPDDR5 memory and a full-blood version of UFS3.1 flash memory; let’s take a look at the performance.


In the AnTuTu performance test, a result of 564207 points was obtained. CPU scored 164282 points, GPU scored 162095 points, memory scored 112994 points, and UX scored 124836 points, surpassing nearly half of the users.

Master Lu

In the performance test of Master Lu, 676711 points were obtained, of which the CPU score was 249570, the GPU score was 201250, the memory score was 70464, and the storage performance score was 155427. It also evaluated “performance flagship powerful performance”, beyond Nearly 60% of other users.

GeekBench 5

In the GeekBench 5 running points, the Snapdragon 778G has a multi-core score of 2972 ​​points and a single-core score of 789, which is better than the Snapdragon 855 Plus.


In GFXBench’s running score, according to our fast technology ranking list, the graphics performance of the 778G is comparable to that of the 845.


In AndroBench, a running score of 1615MB/s for sequential reading and 1282MB/s for writing was obtained. The full-blooded UFS 3.1 flash memory on iQOO Z5 is released in place.

Game performance

The Multi-Turbo 5.5 function of iQOO Z5 also supports the more popular memory fusion 2.0 on the market. Through algorithm optimization, part of the mobile phone storage space is expanded to memory usage, up to 4GB of memory space is increased, and multitasking capabilities and APP hot start rate are improved.

In this way, the ability to reside in the background of games and apps is greatly enhanced, and there is no need to worry about cutting the App to cause the experience to be killed.

To further improve the performance, iQOO Z5 also supports Monster mode, which can also display the hardware performance.

In the following game test, we all run in Monster mode.

The original god

In “Original God”, known as the “baking machine”, we have turned the game’s picture quality to a very high level, and the frame rate has been changed from the default 30 frames to 60 frames.

The game “Original God” randomly runs the map and fights monsters for 10 minutes, and the overall framework can be maintained at 40 frames. The fluctuation is not too large. The Snapdragon 778G is a good reality.

Glory of the King

As the most well-known MOBA domestic mobile game, “Glory of the King”, it has recently added support for the ultra-high frame rate of 90, so we will pull the various settings of the screen to ultra-high.

As always, “Glory of the King” is not very resource-intensive, and the threshold for models is not high.

In the nearly five minutes of the battle, the frame rate curve has been a relatively stable state of 90 frames.

Ace Battlefield

iQOO Z5 supports the 120Hz refresh rate of “Ace Battlefield”. We have maximized the game picture quality of the competitive battlefield and the Ace Battlefield and turned it off to automatically reduce the frame rate of the picture quality.

In “Ace Battlefield”, except for death, the frame rate will drop to 30 frames. In other cases, it can be kept at about 120 frames. The performance is very stable. This game brings out the ability of a 120Hz high screen refresh.

From the above performance, as long as the game supports high brush and is optimized, iQOO Z5 can play most online games on the market.


iQOO Z5 adopts the more mainstream three-camera solution on the market. The primary camera is a 64-megapixel GW3 primary camera; the specification is a 1/1.97-inch sensor, an F1.79 aperture, the secondary camera is f/2.2, and a 120-degree 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. And f/2.4, a 2 million macro lens that can shoot at a close range of 4cm.

In the daytime photo proofs, iQOO Z5 is more accurate for color reproduction, and the cumulus clouds in the sky are rich in layers and expressive.

Main 1X




It is worth noting that iQOO Z5 did not use a more eye-catching tuning method, so the picture’s color looks more natural.

In terms of photo effects, this 64-megapixel lens is not too different from mainstream models in terms of white balance and image latitude. In the case of similar lens standards, the tuning techniques of other brands and models mainly include image color toning and detail resolution.

In the performance of night scenes, iQOO Z5 is excellent at suppressing light, and, unexpectedly, it can achieve such an effect at the thousand yuan level.

What is slightly insufficient is that the picture is white in the night scene super wide-angle sample, but the super wide-angle lens is not suitable for night scene shooting after all. It is more suitable for shooting pictures with a wide field of view during the day, so this effect is expected.



Even so, in the thousand yuan machine, this camera level is relatively excellent. Don’t forget, this iQOO Z5 is only a thousand yuan machine, and you can’t expect the camera effect to be comparable to the flagship machine.


Endurance test

For battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool-a a battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology for testing. In the test items, we checked all test items, including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, web browsing, simulating user usage scenarios, restoring the total load to the greatest extent, and closer to the actual power consumption Case.

After 1 hour of simulation test, thanks to the low power consumption of Snapdragon 778G, it only consumes 7% of the power. Therefore, it is estimated that total control can provide about 12-14 hours of battery life, which can meet the needs of ordinary users for one and a half days of intermittent use—usage requirements.

Charging test

In terms of charging, iQOO Z5 has a built-in 5000 mAh battery and supports 44W flash charging. The 44W flash charge can be charged to 50% in 20 minutes. The charging speed slows down at 80% and enters the battery charging protection mode. It takes 50 minutes to charge fully.

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After the evaluation, what surprised the author is that although the iQOO Z5 is a thousand yuan machine, its game performance and image capabilities are entirely in the first echelon among the thousand yuan machine.

Snapdragon 778G + full-blood version of LPDDR5 memory + full-blood version of UFS 3.1 flash memory, forming a stable performance iron triangle. Although the SoC is not the flagship Snapdragon 8 series, it can also bring low power consumption and excellent performance, which can fully meet the needs of daily use and gaming.

The full-blood version of LPDDR5 memory can increase the speed of application opening and game loading and supports memory expansion, which can grow up to 4GB.

Coupled with the full-blood version of UFS 3.1 and providing faster reading and writing speeds for mobile phones, it can also make the installation and opening of large apps faster and less lagging.

In terms of games, iQOO Z5 is also equipped with dual stereo speakers, Z-axis linear motors, and the Monster mode to release the performance further. The VC liquid cooling system for heat dissipation, allowing users to enjoy a fun gaming experience.

The iQOO Z5 is also worth mentioning. Although the overall performance is not as good as OLED, the color gamut, brightness, refresh rate, and resolution are not bad, and the cost is lower, and it is more eye-friendly.

The triple-camera lens of iQOO Z5 is also excellent in terms of taking pictures. The daily experience does not lose to the more high-end mainstream mobile phones on the market.

There is also a 5000 mAh battery, which can be charged 50% in only 20 minutes with a 44W flash charge. With the chip’s low power consumption, it is not a problem at all for a full day and a half.

In general, iQOO Z5 has relatively balanced capabilities in all aspects and has no obvious shortcomings. It is indeed worthy of the title of “performance pioneer” and allows users to enjoy an experience closer to the flagship machine at a price of thousands of yuan.

In terms of price, iQOO Z5 has three versions: the 8GB+128GB version is 1899 yuan, the 8GB+256GB version is 2099 yuan, and the 12GB+256GB version is 2299 yuan, and there are two colors of Blue Origin and Twilight Morning.

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