“iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone”: Possible Solutions for Fixing the Issue


iPhone, the device that is loved by many people all over the world due to its excellent features is always in news. Most of the time, the news are of a new iPhone launch but this time Technographx has come up with the news of the “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone” issue that is faced by a lot of users.

Many users have reported that they are getting an error message when they are trying to connect iTunes with the iPhone. So, today we will have a look at the possible solutions for solving the problem. We will also discuss what is the reason for the arising of the problem and after reading the post, you will have a perfect solution to fix the issue yourself.

What is the Reason for iTunes not able to read the content of the iPhone or the iPad?

Apple is currently finding out the exact reason for the error message popping out of the devices and yet not found out. But based on the suggestions of the experts and technical geeks, it is found out that the problem might be arising due to some files improperly written by third-party software. It is also possible that the iTunes is not properly installed or updated or there might be some corrupted files on the iPhone.

In the jailbroken iOS gadgets, this error message is more commonly seen. The issue might be coming from the CYDIA and its applications might be trying to change the files of the iPhone. Many users are also saying that the problem might be brought by the corrupted iTunesDB and iTunesCDB data.

Let us have a look at the different solutions for fixing this issue.

Solution 1:  Check for Updates to the latest iTunes

The older versions of iTunes are incompatible with your system so you need to update iTunes on your PC or Mac for fixing the issue.

Solution 2: Check if USB portal works one by one

The failure of USB connection is sometimes the problem so it is recommended to use another USB cable and try different USB ports on your computer.

Solution 3: Restart your computer

Restart your pc as it is possible that the iTunes updated content has not been recognized by the computer. If the problem doesn’t get solved following these three steps then it is probably a problem of iTunes or iPhone, and it needs to be fixed.

Solution 4: You have to Remove and Reinstall iTunes

The first and foremost solution that you can try when you come across this message is to close the iTunes and disconnect the device. Note that you shouldn’t click the Ok button as it will erase your complete phone data. You can also try to update the iTunes to the latest version from the store.

But if the latest version is already installed then you have to remove iTunes from the pc and then install a fresh one. Restart your pc and try to connect to the iPhone again. Make sure that the USB cable is properly fitted too as the problem might be arising due to the loose USB cable also.

Solution 5: You have to Restore the device to the original factory settings

If the above method doesn’t work for you then you can try this solution. Connect the device to iTunes and when the error message of iTunes cannot read the content of the iPhone or the iPad” comes up then you have to click the “ok” button simply and wait till the wiping process finishes.

Alternatively, you can tap the settings icon on the device and then tap General and scroll down until you see the Reset button. You have to tap this and then select Erase all the content and settings to wipe out all the content. Now, confirm the action and wait until the process finishes. Note that all the data from your device will be erased and nothing will be left, your favorite photos and videos will be wiped out too! So, if there is any important data then better take the backup first and then follow the wipe out process.

So, here were the possible solutions for fixing this issue. Follow the above methods and we ensure your problem will get fixed definitely!


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