JJRC H31 : A stylish waterproof quadcopter


One of the striking features on quadcopter these days is being waterproof. JJRC H31 is one of the stylish quadcopters. Its available in 2 lavishing colours, the green and the white. The H31 features a plastic body and measures 29 x 29 x 9 cm which is little big but weighs barely 100 grams.


The H31 features a headless mode that means the quadcopter will always follow controls from user’s perspective which is essential or else your copter will go left when move the joystick to the right because of the change in orientation. Another great thing about the H31 is its damage protection design for its blades so that unexpected bumps wont damage it.


It comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless controller that ensures a stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal with the copter. The controller on the JJRC H31 feels premium and technically sound. It has some features like the LCD display to make it easier to control the copter,  a power indicator, special (left, right, top, bottom) tunning keys and a dedicated button to take photos and shoot videos. Check out those bunch of cool gifs below to understand it better.


H31 runs on a 3.7V 400mAh Li-po Battery that gets you a 8-10 minutes of flight time in a charge time of 1 hour which is acceptable.You can impress your friends by making a 360 flip over water with its unique 360 rotation feature and waterproof capability. To allow users to use the copter in the dark too, H31 uses a Colourful LED light for indicating its location.


The H31 packs some major features at an affordable price of just 32$. Head down to this link -> JJRC H31 if you want to buy one.



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