Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC| 10.1 inches, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM| Design, Hardware, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


It looks like the Chinese manufacturer, Jumper is taking a lot of inspiration from top brands like Microsoft, and Apple to make their devices look more like the premium flagship products from these companies. Now, the company is back with another Tablet PC, Dubbed as the Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC, with some decent specifications and good build quality.


The Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC features a 10.1-inch display on the front accompanied by a 2MP front camera. The device is a bit thicker with dimensions 278.3 x 169.7 x 11 mm, meaning it is 0.16 cm thicker than the Surface 4 tablet. The scenario changes when it comes to the weight of the devices. The first weighs 800g, while the latter is a bit heavier at 640 grams. Thus, it’s safe to say that the Ezpad 7 is the lightest tablet PC among others.


Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC depends on a Quad Core Intel Cherry Trail X5 Z8350 processor running at an energy efficient frequency of 1.44GHz accompanied by 4 Gigs of RAM and 64GB of internal memory and Intel Gen 8 (aka Intel HD 400). Even though the SoC is highly power-saving still a better choice could have been the latest Intel Atom X7 which is way powerful, energy efficient and features onboard Intel HD 500 Graphics. But, everything is fair for that price.


The Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC is backed by a 6,500 mAh battery that will serve you for 8-10 hours without additional charging. During the review, we found that the battery capacity is pretty decent for long hours of gaming, browsing the web and doing a project on the tablet. The stylus pen adopts the original handwriting input, that means when using the pen over the display, you’ll experience the same feel as writing on a paper. For connectors, we have a DC-IN port for charging, 3.5mm headphone or microphone audio jack, microSD card reader, micro HDMI port, a USB Type-C port and another USB 3.0 Type-A connector. The operating system included in this model is Windows 10, with its corresponding legal license, at the bottom we will have a magnetic port to hook a keyboard that we will have to buy separately, it remains to be seen if it is compatible with Stylus.

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Where To Shop

For a budget-friendly price, Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC is a nice choice for those who consider budget as their priority and don’t need some heart-pounding performance. Although, it has low brightness but a huge Full-HD touchscreen on the other side. It’s way mobile than any other Chinese tablet. Jumper EZpad 7 Tablet PC is now available on Geekbuying Just at $189.99 using Coupon Code: GKB32JT.


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