Kabaddi Player Rishank Devadiga depicts the secrets of success


A fearless attitude has also become one of the most important things for every raider, along with their physical skills.  Rishank is already highlighting important aspects where athletes should work on.  As per Devadiga, Players should pay close attention to the footwork, speed, and attitude. If you have a Fairless attitude, then you will able to get the point. These are some important aspects that have become important for every player. If any person wants to become a kabaddi player, then he should have a vision that is the mantra for achieving the success.   A raider should invest a considerable amount of time in the visualization of a match.  

Becoming a raider isn’t easy for a person because you will have to prime the mind for achieving top results. He is also doing detailed visualization before the match start. Rishank can score a lot of points in the game. According to latest kabaddi news, this player is paying close attention to the weaknesses and strengths of opposition before the game started. 

General practice

A pro kabaddi player is also making the use of meditation that can calm the mind. Therefore, the visualization of every person should be clearer. Rishank Devadiga also said that I meditate on a regular basis that helps me in the whole process of visualization. 

A journey of Maninder in the First year of PKL

Maninder Singh is the best captain of the team like Bengal warriors who have already won Pro Kabaddi title in the 2019. It has become a title winning team.  He is a really great kabaddi player who has already learn such incredible skills from the Arjuna Awardee coach.  His coach always shares some great tips that are improving the skills of a players. He is guiding me at every moment. It was 5 years ago when I have initiated going to the college, then Paramjeet Singh, who is the coach of the Punjab police, has chosen me for the state police team.  After that, I have started playing tournaments for their team. He is a true coach who has taught me lots of things. Maninder Singh gains a considerable amount of knowledge from his coach.

India to include their team in Olympics at 2024

  •       Recently, Union sports Minister Claim that the government will surely invest a lot of effort to get in the kabaddi in Olympic berth.
  •       Kabaddi is considered one of the most important sports that the government has already made efforts to take into the Olympics.
  •       This sport has got every quality to include in the Olympic sport. It is one of the most difficult sports that have already got the agility, teamwork, and power. Such sports don’t require any equipment.
  •       There are so many great kabaddi players who are performing great in the Kabaddi. Kabaddi is really a fantastic Olympic sport; this dream of Deepak Hooda will surely come true.
  •       The ministry is already investing its efforts to include such sport in the Olympic.

Senior National Kabaddi Men

Recently, Indian Railways & services have already registered in the Semifinal. They have victories comfortably in the semi-finals.


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