KAISDA K6 Review – Electric City Bike at €678.89 From CAFAGO In Flash Sale


The KAISDA K6 electric bike is the perfect solution for adult and elderly users who are looking for a cheap electric bike who value a combination of good design and modern technology. Equipped with a steel frame, 26-inch wheels, an electric assistance system with a powerful 350 W motor; high-quality Shimano gears – 7 gears, and a very durable 10 Ah battery, it is the best offer on the market in its class.


The KAISDA K6 Mountain/Touring Bike has an aluminum frame and the suspension fork from KS reliably compensates for unevenness; so it can carry a rider weighing up to 120kg/264.6LBS. The material with which this e-bike is made is an aluminum alloy and other materials specially designed to offer a robust and durable product with the lowest possible weight. This will make you pass through the most inaccessible places lifting the bike if you need, to reach the most unexplored areas. Its structure is made with a black or white aluminum alloy chassis, being able to carry a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. It has a variety of adjustable sizes for the seat; 26 * 1.95” wheels, LED light, and finally, the brakes are located on both wheels, front and rear.


The heart of KAISDA K6 is the 350 W motor; it starts as soon as we pedal and “feels” when our vehicle is on the ramp and supports the rear wheel with additional power. Such a solution, combined with such support, is a recipe for a successful commute to work or an ordinary leisure route. The KAISDA K6 bike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10 Ah and a voltage of 36 V; thanks to which we can use up to can cover up to 35 km. When the battery is empty; about 4-5 hours are enough for another city bike ride. The battery is detachable, so we can take it with us everywhere.

KAISDA K6 has been equipped with a large, soft, and therefore comfortable saddle that suits both smaller and larger users. Convenience is also comfort when transporting personal belongings or… when shopping! The trunk will be perfect for this task. KAISDA K6 has been selected according to its nature and the needs of a demanding user. The gear selection works both on a straight track and on hills, where you can easily find the right gear. Shimano components such as Shimano rear derailleur and Shimano shift lever guarantee durability and ease of use. Mounted on the left side of the steering wheel; the display helps you closely monitor all driving parameters such as driving mode and battery charge level.


KAISDA K6 Electric City Bike is equipped with 26-inch wheels and solid disc brakes that guarantee you safe braking. In addition, the attached LED lamp sufficiently illuminates even the darkest route and ensures your safety. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €678.89 in Flash Sale and ship it from the Germany warehouse.


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