Kuo: iPhone 11 With Improved Antenna Design – Focus On Indoor Navigation


In November 2018, the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple has planned to change technology for radio antennas, iPhone 2019. This because of a vendor problem for LCP technology currently used in the latest iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo delivers a new report that reiterates the November report. Namely that the iPhone 2019 will be equipped with a new antenna technology, which should include improving the location within buildings.

According to the analyst, Apple would migrate from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) antenna technology to antenna technology called MPI. Several reasons are mentioned, including the lack of LCP suppliers, which reduces the price negotiation possibilities with the main supplier.

In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that LCP techno is more “fragile” and difficult to manufacture, which leads to performance problems. An improvement in the rate of return could potentially reduce the performance of the antenna.

But now the techno MPI which was previously inferior to the techno LCP has progressed well and it has reached the same level as the latter, to offer equivalent performance. There are also more MPI providers, so it’s easier to negotiate a price down for Apple. This new antenna technology, easier to manufacture, should also allow a better performance.

Kuo also explains that the use of MPI antenna should slightly increase the production costs by about 10-20%, because of an ultra-wideband design. In return, the next iPhone would benefit from a better location within buildings.

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the next iPhone 2019 will integrate a mix of 2 technologies, namely 4 antennas MPI and 2 antennas LCP. For comparison, the current generation of iPhone integrates 6 LCP antennas. This adoption of the MPI antenna technology should, however, last only one year. According to the analyst, by 2020, Apple would exclusively use LCP antennas for the arrival of 5G are looking to the latest.

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