Lanmodo Vast M1 will Be Released Soon – Be Golden Member to Save $210


Driving at night can be dangerous. Even if you’re a trained and alert driver, it may not help much if you’re driving in poor visibility. What happens if a thick fog covers the road or if it is too dark to cover more than a few tens of meters? If you’re not driving in safe conditions for a long time, this night-vision car display can be a great help. Since the Vast Pro was released last year, it got a lot of success, Lanmodo continues to extend the product functions and will release a new product Lanmodo Vast M1 on Indiegogo Soon. Also, the golden member is continued. Just spend $10 to become Lanmodo Golden Member, you will enjoy a lifetime chance to purchase Vast M1 with a 128G TF card for only $199 (the retail price should be $409).

Lanmodo Vast M1 Key Features

  1. With low-light technology and Sony CMOS sensor, providing dual 1080p night vision images.
  2. 75° wider angle with a separated front camera, and night vision view distance up to 984ft (300m).
  3. Loop recording, max support 128G shortage, including G-sensor to monitoring your car within 24 hours.
  4. 170° wider angle and IP 67 waterproof rearview camera, conveniently reversing the car.

Lanmodo Vast M1 brings you the most advanced night vision system backed by the cutting-edge Sony CMOS Sensor, improving visibility massively on dark nights. The dual camera presents full-color crisp images; that allow you to cope with unfriendly weather with ease and enjoy a safer journey. With an advanced 7-glass lens and Sony CMOS sensor, Vast M1 delivers a crystal-clear and vivid night vision in 1080p at starlight level to help drive with ease even on rainy, snowy, and foggy days.

The last generation, Lanmodo Vast Pro has outperformed other products in the past. With a major technology upgrade, our soon launching Lanmodo Vast M1 will provide even stronger night vision quality. 75° Angle and an 8-inch screen present a much broader view than naked eyes without sacrificing the 984ft night vision distance; which allows longer reaction time to avoid an accident.

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Lanmodo Vast M1 is mainly developed for people who have to drive at night, providing safer driving. Vast M1 is useful for truck drivers who always drive at night. Normally the truck comes with a long body which causes visual impairment on the truck tail. To solve this problem, Vast M1 is deployed with a rearview camera to monitor the truck tail and the connector line can customize according to car model.

Lanmodo Vast M1 can also use for night activities(night fishing; hunting, night observation, etc.) if there’s an external power supply. The old drivers, the weak eyesight people do not need to worry to drive at night or other situations with undesirable lighting. It is helpful to bring confidence to the new drivers. The police who need to work at night; the new drivers who lack confidence driving at night; the commuter who live far from the city life in the suburbs or the countryside.

Lanmodo Vast M1 is a new dashcam with a night vision system; with a series of advanced functions that will make it truly a must for buyers. Among the most interesting functions is the real-time recording; the parking monitor, and a gravity sensor, to make driving even safer.

Lanmodo is going to release a new product Vast M1 on Indiegogo soon


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