Lanmodo Vast Pro Review: Night Vision System with Dual 1080P Dashcam


LANMODO VAST PRO is the latest Dual 1080P Night Vision Dashcam that effectively supports the driver while driving in difficult lighting conditions. It works similarly to the night vision systems factory-installed in high-class cars, but it is definitely cheaper (up to five times). Advanced algorithms provide a dramatic improvement in visibility and a radical increase in active safety.

The Lanmodo is a technology company that had already become known for certain is that curious interesting products, such as the protective umbrella for cars. This Vast Pro, however, is something more conventional, although it has some features that make it really noteworthy. One of these is the night view. Normally dash cams are used to record what happens in front of our car for safety reasons and, above all, for insurance reasons. The Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision also adds a not-insignificant extra to this, namely the night vision system.

Features of the Lanmodo Vast Pro

Inside the box, we also find the dashboard support and a suction cup, made with washable adhesive material. The use of one or the other anchoring system will obviously depend on our car. In both cases, however, the Vast Pro hooks up in an extremely simple and fast way. We also find a screwdriver, as for safety reasons the connection between the support and the screen must be extremely fixed and reliable. After all, we are talking about a device that must remain in place in the event of an accident. Finally, we have two cables for the power supply: one for the 12 Volt socket, while the second for the diagnostic OBD socket. The connection to the latter allows not only to leave the 12 Volt free for our smartphones but also to function as a sort of anti-theft camera.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision consists entirely of a 8.0-inch IPS screen, included in a structure that can resemble a traditional satellite navigator. On the back is its 5 Megapixel video camera with seven-layer lens and a 45-degree viewing angle. This camcorder is first of all capable of capturing videos in Full HD resolution and storing them in the microSD memory inserted in the device, to be purchased separately. What differentiates the Vast Pro from other dash cams, however, is night vision. Thanks to its sensor, in fact, the Lanmodo guarantees a clear and sharp view of objects; that go well beyond the capabilities of the headlights. In the example used by the developer, at 60 km / h you reach up to 300 meters in front of the car; thus guaranteeing 12 seconds of extra reaction time in case of danger. A difference that can actually be decisive. We conclude the description with the buttons that we find on the upper side of the camera. It will be necessary to learn them well because the Vast Pro is not a touchscreen.

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How to Mount the Dashcam?

The assembly, as mentioned, is extremely simple and the elegant design of the camera; allows it to integrate perfectly with the dashboard. The LANMODO VAST PRO has two cables to which you can attach the power supply and possibly the rear camera, sold separately. The supports appear very stable and well glued to the dashboard or possibly to the windscreen. To the point where removing them is almost a problem; which may not make users who live in an area prone to car theft happy. Here too, however, it is necessary to come to terms with the need to remain fixed in the event of an impact. Once turned on, the camera is already running smoothly. If connected to the OBD it will be necessary to turn it off manually. With the remaining buttons, you can navigate in the options interface. Unfortunately, the Italian language is not yet supported; but the voices are quite simple and it is possible to learn everything very early.

Operation of the Night View

So here we are driving. Right now we are travelling on a road outside Milan with normal street lighting; but already in this way; we can see how the night vision of the LANMODO VAST PRO manages to work quite well. Thanks to its help, any nocturnal obstacles can be seen well in advance, significantly increasing safety. Too bad that to return a more comfortable and less distracting front view for the driver; the viewing angle is not exceptional. Other dash cams allow you to have a wider view; but certainly not so clear; well beyond the level of some systems that we begin to find as optional integrated on our cars. Everything is stored on the microSD memory; which takes care to save every video when the internal impact sensor registers a sudden slowdown. The sensitivity may have changed, but every now and then the memory will still need to be cleaned. If present, the rearview camera is also stored. If you live in an area with many dark streets or even your job puts you in poor visibility situations; the Vast Pro could be a real lifesaver.

How much does the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Cost?

Of course, this is not a device for everyone. Its price is $599, but through the Indiegogo campaign just launched the first 50 units will be priced at $229 and until December it will still be possible to find the LANMODO VAST PRO at a special price yet to be announced.


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