LED Light Plastic Fidget Spinner Hands-on Review


We cannot say what will be the next big thing in tech industry. Who would have thought the mobile phone will evolve into such capable device that will eventually replace so many of other gadgets for e.g Camera. Similarly this year has been the year of Fidget spinner, 2017 saw a meteoric rise in the demand of the a little ball bearing based toy called a fidget spinner. It was just a toy, but when the demand increased we started seeing so many versions of a fidget spinner and evolved into a gadget with circuitry embedded into  it.

The shear demand of this gadget intrigued me to consider it, it peaked my interest, so I had to get one for myself and see what all this fuss is about. Thanks to Gearbest for shipping me this little piece of gadget, so that I can take a closer look at this cool gadget which is already known as a stress buster.

Now the gadget I received through post was packed very neatly by the shipper, it reached me in near about 8 days. The only delay was because of my country’s custom clearance, else the shipping was very fast the item arrived in a very intact state. As you can see when  I opened the package there was a thin Fidget spinner box, it has a white a color with a transparent window of the shape of the fidget spinner itself. The front of the little box is a fidget spinner shaped transparent window, on the back you have the model no. and other barcodes.

After opening the box you get the sweet surprise in the form of a fidget spinner, it is all white in color, its 3 arms are chalk white, while the connecting body is transparent white. When I held it in my held it felt quite well built and sturdy, the plastic material is used considering longevity and symmetry. It is very well finished and has a smooth feel to it.

It was time that I finally spin it as it meant to be, and well I did, it was buttery smooth while spinning and required very little force to set it in a rotational motion. It spinned for quite a while before it stopped for a very light push, so rest assured the ball bearing used here are of very good quality. Well now after the pilot spin it was time to meddle with it and get to know how to activate the LEDs,!

I was already having fun spinning the fidget spinner as it is, but soon I realized it was supposed to be an LED spinner, so I started searching for the buttons, but it is so well designed that the buttons has embedded inside the circles one on each arm and the you can just push the face with a fidget spinning carving to activate the LEDs, Well! I did for all three circles and spinned it again, it was so beautiful just looking at the pattern it was making, all the different geometrical effects led to a charming enjoyable sight.

After playing with it for little while I decided to take a peek inside the three circles which housed the LED circuit to know how they have done, so all you have to do is push out the circular parts from any side then using your finger nails open the housing, inside you will see a small circuit with a timer IC and 3 LEDs, Red, Green and Blue. Flipping the circuit you will find a 3V button cell that powers the circuit.

The fidget spinner is an awesome little gadget that can be very fun to play especially if it has LEDs as they form these beautiful geometric shapes that are so pleasant to watch. Moreover this fidget spinner has 3 modes of blinking leds, you can press the button multiple times to switch between modes, after the 4th press the leds stop. This gadget I have been casually using for some days now and have to say it is a real stress buster. You can order it from gearbest.com for just $4.99. So go ahead and order some fun. You can use coupon code: TOY15OFF to grab one at $4.19 from Gearbest.


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