Lei Jun Exposed Xiaomi Mi9 Design: Dark Mode, Color Information Display, Etc.


Xiaomi Mi9 released soon, Lei Jun also frequently preheated the new features of Xiaomi Mi9 on Weibo. In addition to the hardware configuration of Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi founder @LeiJun just announced the new features on the Xiaomi Mi9 system level on Weibo.

Xiaomi Mi9 lock screen will change with time, the wallpaper will also change, lighting the screen is like opening the curtain to see the sky, Lei Jun said that this is the new live wallpaper that Xiaomi Mi9 added automatically according to time.

The OLED screen has a very important feature. The all black dots consume almost no power, and the information screen can display some important information. Xiaomi Mi9 has added a color screen display function, and many beautiful patterns can be selected. Some styles also change according to the current time.

Xiaomi Mi9 uses AMOLED screen and supports dark mode. The dark design will be very power efficient because this is the AMOLED screen feature, the dark mode interface can save up to 83% (the theoretical number of limits) compared to the original light color interface.

On the evening of February 15, Lei Jun released the running score of Xiaomi Mi9 – 387851 points. Lei Jun said that the Snapdragon 855 is the largest upgrade in the 800 series in recent years. Not only is the latest 7nm process, but the CPU has a “super big core” with a frequency of 2.84GHz and a single core performance jump of 45%.

At present, Lei Jun has announced the two colors of Xiaomi 9 on the Weibo – holographic illusion purple and holographic illusion blue, at the same time, the official map of the Xiaomi Mi9 exploration version has also been exposed.

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Based on the current news, Xiaomi Mi9 series adopts the latest 7nm Qualcomm 855 processor, Samsung AMOLED full screen, built-in screen fingerprint, battery 3500mAh, support 27W fast charging. In terms of selling price, according to reliable sources, the Xiaomi Mi9 standard version starts at 3,499 yuan ($517.09), while the Explorer Edition starts at 4,999 yuan ($738.76).

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