LEJI VR BABY, a stylish VR Headset


As Virtual Reality seems to pick up the pace, a numerous brands are flooding the VR headsets market. LEJI VR BABY is a stylish virtual reality headset from the Chinese manufacturer LEJI. The LEJI VR BABY is compatible with smartphones having screen size between 4.7 to 5.5 inch and it costs 45.99$.


The VR BABY is built from a strong ABS and PC material to handle falls, bumps while you walk with your VR on your head. The support straps looks nice and strong as compared to the plastic ones in the cheap Headsets. It has a nice black and white feel to the sides and on the top and bottom area while the front looks more artistic with the green LEJI logo and the grey shades and lines.


The lenses on the VR BABY are custom made aspherical VR lens which have a 42mm diameter and a wide 90 degree FOV. A great FOV is what makes the VR content more immersive. Plus the VR BABY lets you adjust the interpupillary distance(IPD) so that you can adjust the view according to your need. For this, it has buttons on the top.


Another good thing about this Headset is that the front cover of the headset has a small opening on the side for your headphones. Let us know your views on this VR if you purchased one already OR you if want to purchase it then head to the geekbuying website by clicking here -> LEJI VR BABY.


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