Lenovo Is Developing a New Standalone VR Headset


Lenovo is not worried about the debacles that it faced with the virtual reality headsets. The company, which is popular for its laptops and mobile phones, is looking to bring out another VR headset and wants it to be more successful than the previous version. The VR headset market is more mature today than before.

What Is the New Lenovo VR Headset?

The new VR headset from Lenovo is not for the customers and is intended for educational purposes. According to a new filling in the FCC, the company has said that the new headset is a standalone one and it is referred to as Lenovo VR3030S. It would be a standalone one, and hence there is no need to plug it into your phone or PC like the previous Oculus Quest or Mirage Solo virtual reality sets. The new VR3030S will come equipped with the propriety Lenovo platform. It is designed to meet the needs of middle and high schools and offers classroom solutions for the teachers through virtual reality.

Product Information

The new product might be coming out with the name Lenovo Mirage VR S3. It would be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This device will run on the Android operating system and will offer a resolution of 1920 x 2160 per eye. The device comes with a powerful 4200 mAh battery that has a simple controller and USB type-C charging cable. There are not many details revealed by the company in the FCC filing. It looks like there would be notable changes to the headgear based on the previous version experiences. The company is looking to stay in this market and does not want this new model to become obsolete quickly like its previous versions. It is believed that the standalone headgear will come out in spring 2020.

Targeting the Educational Field

The Mirage VR S3 does not seek the support of the Daydream platform of Google or The Oculus or Microsoft platforms and will be power-driven by its ThinkReality platform. It has entered into a partnership with LanSchool to develop classroom management tools. The teachers and the students of middle and high schools can benefit from this device. It gives the teachers the choice to synchronize a number of headsets and let the entire classroom enjoy the virtual lessons under their guidance. The best part is that the teachers and students get to enjoy a great educational VR experience from a single source. There is no doubt that this device could make teaching and learning fun.

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This is the kind of immersive experience the students will have through the VR headsets. It will help them to learn and understand the topic better.

What Lenovo Wants to Achieve?

The company feels that this standalone device can work wonders in the field of education. It will help in shaping young people to meet the challenges of the careers of tomorrow. It is only smarter technology that can prepare the kids for the challenges of tomorrow and the VR learning experience from Lenovo is the right partner for that. The teachers also feel that virtual reality learning unveils many limitless possibilities and ensures easy and effective teaching. It opens a world of new things for the students that cannot be experienced through classroom learning.

The Chinese company is looking to provide the best virtual ride for the students and teachers in all the possible fields and subjects. They want to make sure that the classroom management tools developed for this headgear offer a continuous journey for the students and educators.

Lenovo has made some inroads, but it wants to be one of the big players in the VR space. They believe that the new 3030S could be a game-changer in the educational field.

There is no doubt that VR and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are going to have a greater presence in many industries and fields. This is why many of the companies are looking to stand out in the crowd and be one step ahead of their competitors. No matter it is a basic level product, a high-end one and designed for a certain field, every company in the business of VR headsets will be working hard to enjoy a strong presence in this market for the next decade or so.


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