Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 Notebook on Sale: Starts at 7999 yuan ($1180)


Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 dual-screen notebook was officially launched for 7,999 yuan. It is the world’s first laptop with a combination of a 17.3-inch ultra-wide main display and an 8-inch touch-screen secondary screen, creating a “dual-screen collaboration” linkage mode.

The ThinkBook Plus 17 main screen has a 21:10 aspect ratio, 120Hz high refresh rate, 90% high screen ratio, 100% sRGB high color gamut, and many other excellent performance parameters.

The newly built C-face 8-inch touch screen supports a 4096-level pressure-sensitive pen and 10-point touch, which can quickly realize practical interactive functions such as web browsing, image editing, meeting records, and calculators.

The innovative interactive method of the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 secondary screen makes the stylus no longer limited by the traditional tablet and can complete creation directly on the secondary screen. The E-color Pen stylus pen is given in a limited amount, which can quickly pick up the colors of the real world. The desktop ColorKing color card can display its color number and apply it directly.

Not only that, the dual-screen combination can freely define the screen ratio and layout and realize functions such as main screen expansion, duplication, or screen projection according to the needs of the scene.

In terms of performance, the ThinkBook Plus 17 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-12700H standard voltage processor and Iris Xe graphics card, supports up to 32GB LPDDR5 memory and 1TB solid-state hard drive, and can be well-suited for video editing, video editing, office design, and other creative work.

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