Lenovo Z5s Poster Provokes Xiaomi, It May Have Snapdragon 710 SoC


Even before it was released, the Lenovo Z5s is already causing a lot of buzz on the internet. Recently the company released an image talking about the product’s processor, without making it clear what model it will be, but somehow showing that they want to hit head-on with the Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition handset.

Xiaomi has used the series 6 processors in most of its mid-range devices, changing only the generation applied to each device. As a form of debauchery of this strategy of the Chinese giant, Lenovo created a poster and posted on the Weibo site pointing indirectly to Xiaomi, talking about the company’s option to bring gadgets of the youth line with Snapdragon 6xx.

Even though subliminally, it was clear that the Z5s will be equipped with some chipset of the 700 line, to remain a competitor of the Mi 8 Youth Edition and not end up playing the smartphone in another niche of competition, which could happen if the line 800 was used in it.

Despite all the speculation, the only certainty we have so far is that the phone will come with three rear cameras, giving a differentiated use experience to those who are looking for more photographic options. In addition, it will come with an Infinity-O screen, where the circular notch is in the central part of the device to house the front camera lens.

The Lenovo Z5s will be announced on December 18 at a conference in Beijing. It is worth remembering that the company was going to launch the product earlier this month, but opted to postpone without giving any justification for the fact.


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