Looking for a GPS Tracker for Your Car? KENT CamEye is an Excellent Option


Sometimes it happens that you have to unwillingly lend your car to a friend or a family member but you keep thinking about your car till the time you get it back. The fear of how or to what extent the car would be used causes the worry. Not just this situation but for any such scenarios where you are away from your car doesn’t let you sit calm. That’s when a GPS tracker for your car comes into the picture and luckily there’s an array of such devices available for use.

However, not every GPS tracker for a car can promise the best features as there are only a few on which you can rely. A recent addition to the latter category is KENT CamEye, a dash-cam-cum GPS tracker that keeps you in touch with your car from any corner of the world. It helps in tracking the exact location of the car as the GPS of KENT CamEye provides excellent accuracy. It’s an app based device, providing the interface through KENT CamEye app, which you can download on your smartphone.

Here’s a list of key features that makes KENT CamEye an ideal option to choose, as GPS tracker for car


  • Location Tracking 


The basic job of a GPS tracker is to let you know where your car is at all times, especially when the keys are with someone else. Sometimes, you want to be sure that your chauffeur is bringing your kids back from school through the right route. This you can check with the live location update on your mobile screen.

Since KENT CamEye is a GPS tracker with dash cam quality, so it’s an extra advantage as a car security system. This device offers live video streaming feature that shows the real-time visuals of the inside or exterior view of the car in the top window. In the second window, down the screen, it displays a map showing the current location of the car.


  • Geo-fencing 


The geo-fencing functionality is pretty helpful when you don’t want your car, to go beyond a particular location without your knowledge. KENT CamEye empowers you to manage these issues by creating a virtual fence around the location. So, when your car crosses the prescribed perimeter, you get an alert on your phone. That way, you don’t have to constantly track your car and still you will get to know if the car goes off the expected route.


  • Start and Stop Notifications


A GPS tracker that notifies you every time when your car starts is another good deterrent for its misuse. You must be notified when your car reaches the destination or when it leaves a place of origin. With KENT CamEye, the control remains in your hand and keeps you aware of everything happening in your car.


  • Customizable AI Alerts


Alerts are necessary as it immediately makes us aware of any mis-happening. Therefore in KENT CamEye, Artificial Intelligence based alerts have been provided to inform about the breach of set parameters. Moreover, these alerts are customizable so that you can set the parameters as per your need.

In KENT CamEye, you will get alerts for geo-fence breaches, engine idling, over speeding, etc. depending on the priority, you mark.

If you are looking for a GPS tracker to install in your car, KENT CamEye would undoubtedly be a good choice among the other options available in the market.


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