Makibes G03S Review, IP68 Smart Band With Built-in GPS @Geekbuying for $45.99 (coupon)


Known for producing high-end sport trackers, both Smart Watch and Smart Band, Makibes always surprising the market with the best tech at affordable prices just unveiled its new line of products for 2018. One of the latest product is the Makibes G03S, a Smart Band with GPS capabilities and a old school  feeling. Let get into it.


The screen of the Makibes G03S outlined is rectangle and classic sport tracker. Its structure is made of ABS plastic and integrates a 0.96-inch old school LCD screen for all-day display with antiscratch coating, for a total of 34 grams of weight. The silicone bracelet enhance performance in sports activities by adapting to changing weather conditions and being an ally against the user’s sweat. Three colors are available; black, blue and red.

The IP68 certification will provide protection against dust and resistance against water (except under 1.5 meter of water level). This certification guarantees its durability both on a day-to-day basis and in the practice of outdoor activities, even in unfavorable weather conditions such as rain or snow. A very favorable point for a smartwatch that adapts perfectly to the environment.

In the box you can find the Makibes G03S, a charger cradle and user manual.


Powered by Nordic 52832 SoC, which assure a great performance also the compatibility with bluetooth 4.2 and Goblal Position System chip. In addition to the independent GPS sensor incorporates sensors of gravity, pressure, temperature and heart rate sensor, the heart rate sensor can work continuously to check maximum and minimum. Thanks to the multiple sensors and especially the gps will allow us to monitor with more details sports such as cycling, allowing record routes / trajectories and speeds, we can synchronize the data captured by bluetooth with the application available for your smartphone.

It incorporates a battery of 230 mAh that guarantees a autonomy of up to 9 days, 4.5 day with regular use. But, in case of using the GPS function continuously it would be reduced to 6 hours (it is not bad thinking that this function will be used in a timely manner).

It is resistant to water with degree of protection IP68, we can submerge it up to 2 meters deep, (it does not recommend its immersion in hot water for example in the hot tube).


In the initial screen we have the time, the day, the date, the remaining battery and on the right a bar that will be filled taking into account our activity. When you touch the touch button from the home screen, you will see 3 quick menus: one to exercise; another to measure your heart rate at that moment; and another with an information symbol that does not work. If from the initial screen you touch the lower right button you will enter the main menu, where you can configure different aspects of the clock: GPS, Date, Vibration, Illumination, data of your exercises.

It is not a very intuitive system, but you You will get used in a few days. The fact that the touch button only works as a pulsation (and not swipes) makes you have to choose the options from top to bottom. This means that if you skipped any option, you will have to turn around or simply go back and re-enter that menu.

The smartband also tells you the notifications you receive on your mobile, as long as it is synchronized by Bluetooth.


It is a pretty smart bracelet, quite comfortable and cheap. It has everything you need to succeed in this price range. If you are looking for a SmartBand that needs recharge every week then the Makibes G03S is for you, at this moment Geekbuying has a flash sale so you can get the G03S for $45.99 USD using MAKIBESG03S as coupon.


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