Meizu EP2X In-ear Earphones with Mic, At An Attractive Price (Coupon Included)


In the last post we saw a gorgeous accessory from Xiaomi, the wireless waterproof Xiaomi headsets. The headphones were indeed an interesting move from Xiaomi to take a jab at the Apple earpods. But if are a truly an audiophile who loves listening to music all the time then I think you wont go for a pair of earphones that require charging. Hence we have something great for you the Meizu EP2X In-ear Earphones.


The earphones by Meizu are drop dead gorgeous and are  surely attractive like a magnet to metal. The headphones are regular wired one but are designed peculiarly keeping in the mind the needs of audiophiles. The EPX2 earphones will bring you a different and excellent music experience. They are  ergonomic in design, more comfortable to wear, more wonderful to hear. The design is always a strong hold of Meizu and it hasn’t failed to show it here. With a curved bend 3.5mm headphone jack.


The earphones have 14mm two material composite diaphragm effectively reducing the distortion of sound, They offer more detailed sound for you, i,e the sound is more clearer and covers wide range of frequencies 20-20000Hz . The headphones have built-in mic supporting hands-free calls and with on-cord controls included you can do volume adjustment, music and call control, which is very convenient to use. The earphones are also lengthy enough to suit everyone’s need at 1.2m. They have an Impedance of 32ohms
Sensitivity of 105±3 dB.


Meizu EP2X In-ear Earphones are meizu’s answer to its High Definition headphones other rivals have like the Xiaomi Sports, LeEco CDLA earphones and the Oneplus Icons. They a great bass and wide range of frequencies to you and are priced correctly at $30 but using our coupon code : GB9%  here  you can grab ’em at  Special Price of just :  $28.78.


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