Meizu Flyme 9 Preheat: Multiple Privacy Protection Features


Meizu Technology previously announced that it will hold a dual flagship launch event for Meizu 18 5G series at 14:30 on March 3. The day before, Meizu will hold a separate Flyme 9 press conference at 14:30 on March 2nd at Zhuhai Grand Theater. Officials say the new system will provide multiple privacy protections and put the initiative back into users’ hands.

A poll on @Flyme’s official Weibo account asked users whether it was necessary to hold a separate press conference on the new system. According to the results of the poll, a total of 23,000 people chose “I think yes”, so Meizu officials made the decision to hold a separate Flyme event.

The Meizu Flyme 8, released in August 2019, uses Meizu’s own OneMind underlayer for a smoother ride. The new system has small window mode 2.0, supporting more applications to open in small window mode, improving the efficiency of use. In addition, Flyme 8 also has AICY intelligent assistant, AICY voice, AICY overview, long press screen recognition and other functions.

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According to official sources, Flyme 9 will continue to use the same clean design language as before, but will also increase the control over the App’s access to users’ privacy and permissions. We will be watching the Flyme 9 launch to bring you timely coverage.


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