Meizu MIX Smart Watch With Classy Looks and Smart Features


The wearables market is maturing now and industry has understood the needs of the consumers, as to what exactly they expect from a wearable like a smartwatch. The consumers are certainly not ready to purchase a watch that is worth a smartphone and those who can afford it are not satisfied with the looks and appeal of the watches. In between this argument we have the analogue smartwatches which look like traditional watches but have some unique features. Meizu unveiled one such watch the Meizu Mix SmartWatch.

Meizu has made a light intelligent quartz watch , the dial is forged from all metal and the table needle are refined from 316L steel. It is a luxurious watch with a touch of your own personalities. It follows the principle of minimalism and the simplification of unnecessary complexity. The watch has a main dial a sub small dial indicating week day. You get four choices of straps with it, 2 leather ones black and brown and 2 metal one’s silver and black. Further the dial is covered with sapphire that has hardness of 9H.

The smartwatch has a smart part to it which lets you know incoming calls and sms or notification from various app like QQ, Sina Weibo, Wechat, Whatsapp etc. Further another important aspect is the activity tracking where in you can calculate calories burnt, count steps. Further you can press the mode button to switch between measuring seconds or workout on the mini dial. The Mix is 30m water resistant and has a battery life of upto 240 days.

The Meizu Mix Smartwatch is a great median between a fully digital smartwatch and the aesthetic classical analog watch. So the people who love the classic and want to switch over a smartwatch will find this time piece appalling, You can get this watch here for $234. But here is the exclusive coupon code: MEIZUMIX20 to catch one at $214.


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