Meizu Watch Review: Revolutionary iWatch 6 Killer!


In the era when the heads are everywhere, almost every one’s life and time are allocated by mobile phones. However, whether it is from a health perspective or other aspects, this should not and should not be encouraged.

It may be for this reason. In the past few years, Apple and Android manufacturers introduced the “Usage Management” function at almost the same time period, hoping that users can control themselves and use mobile phones as little as possible.

However, it seems that users consciously cannot contribute too much substantive help to “resisting” the full domination of mobile phones. It is still necessary to provide some practical means of transferring functions of mobile phones to share the intelligence of mobile phones, reduce the intervention of mobile phones, and let The user can move away from the screen of the phone and allocate time to something worthy of concentration.

In fact, there are some things that can be carried by smart wearable devices such as smartwatches, true wireless earphones, etc.

This time we will only talk about watches. Regarding what kind of attitude the watch should exist relative to the mobile phone, the choices given by various manufacturers are not the same. The choice is to make it into a large bracelet attached to the mobile phone. Once you leave the mobile phone, you can only look at the time, Look at the heart rate (even some smartwatches can’t see the heart rate).

Meizu seems to have been thinking about this for a long time, and the answer given is Meizu all-smart watches. This work allows us to see a lot of the sincerity extensions that Meizu has already shown on smart phones-full blood small screen, global gestures, linear motors, fast charging, etc., all gathered on this smartwatch of Meizu; this work is all The system is equipped with eSIM as standard, and even equipped with Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, and many other modules, which means that it can realize independent communication without the mobile phone.

Meizu Watch also cooperated with Maxim to develop a health and exercise monitoring system, and finally started to invest in the field of health and exercise.

Without the need for a mobile phone as a medium, Meizu’s full smartwatch can independently control Meizu’s Lipro smart home, and even Lipro LED realizes light switch and brightness adjustment based on Meizu watch voice, touch, and custom operation methods of raising the wrist. Next, is our detailed evaluation experience of Meizu’s full smartwatch.

Design & Appearance

The packaging box of Meizu all-smart watches also has the same style as the outer packaging of Meizu mobile phones.

The 46mm dial of the Meizu full smartwatch uses a rounded rectangular design, covered with a large curvature of Corning Gorilla curved glass. Due to the arc of large curvature, the sliding feel is very smooth.

The inner screen is an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 368*448, 326 PPI just meets the standard of the retina screen, and the look and feel is very delicate.

There is a smoother transition between the 2.5D glass and the metal frame. It is worth mentioning that the outer frame is made of one-piece aluminum alloy, and the whole machine has no breakpoints.

There is only one button on the entire watch, which can be combined with gesture interaction on the touch screen to complete various operations. In the final analysis, the operation logic is “slide right to return, click to confirm”, and the threshold for getting started and the cost of learning are quite low.

The back is a ceramic back cover, and the heart rate and blood oxygen sensor can be seen in the middle, which means that the Meizu smartwatch can support blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, stress, and other tests.

The strap of the Meizu Watch is made of fluorine rubber. This skin-like material is very flexible, and the delicate touch makes people irritated to touch repeatedly. It is naturally very comfortable to wear. In short, it is “wearing without feeling”. . Fluorine rubber is also resistant to dirt and corrosion. It is more suitable for sportswear and more resistant to perspiration.

This is a separate magnetic charging base, you only need to place the watch close to the charging base to attach it.

User experience

Meizu all smartwatches do not use the common Wear OS system. On the contrary, they are deeply customized based on the familiar Android 8.1, directly adapting the Android system to the watch side.

It would be wise not to use Wear OS. Although it has been vigorously promoted by Google, it has gradually become absent-minded in recent years. Manufacturers who want to optimize and improve the system still depends on Google’s face, but now the development of Wear OS is getting slower and slower, and the experience of those smartwatches is still far away.

With its own Flyme for Watch, Meizu has enough freedom to customize and optimize the experience on the watch side. Flyme for Watch is based on the Android system for in-depth custom development, which actually means that it is the same as the Flyme on the mobile phone, or the latter is shifted to the side of the watch, which can reduce the developer’s development threshold and cost in the later stage.

Based on Flyme for Watch, the message notifications and schedule reminders received on the mobile phone will be seamlessly transferred to the watch for viewing. The watch can also realize functions such as music control, remote control of photos, and mutual search on the Meizu mobile phone it is paired with.

Meizu Watch is equipped with a Qualcomm Wear 4100 processor, using a 12nm process, the CPU part has four 1.7GHz A53s, and the GPU is Adreno A504. Compared to the needs of the watch, this performance is absolutely top-notch, just sliding the screen. At that time, you can experience the smoothness of maturity compared to other large bracelets or smartwatches.

It is worth noting that the classic Aicy voice assistant on Meizu mobile phones has also been transplanted to Meizu all-smart watches. The watch comes with a microphone and speaker, so you can inquire about the weather and check flights on the watch side just like operating a mobile phone voice assistant.

Although Flyme for Watch is just getting started, it has introduced and adapted many commonly used software, such as Air Travel, QQ, Baidu map (support navigation), Alipay (support scan code, display payment code, ride code), Mainstream and commonly used software covering different needs such as NetEase Cloud Music shares a lot of mobile phone responsibilities.

Moreover, according to Meizu’s habit of “Everything can be OTA”, I believe that more applications will be added in the future. For example, WeChat should only be launched sooner or later.

Meizu’s all smartwatches come standard with eSIM function, which is an important reason why it can be transformed into a “wrist phone”. With the support of eSIM, Meizu’s full smartwatch can realize independent networking and independent calls.

In addition, this work also has a built-in NFC chip, and all functions such as analog access cards and bus cards that users have seen on Meizu mobile phones have been transplanted to this watch.

In terms of health management, Meizu has just started, but through its cooperation with Maxim, it has provided a complete range of mainstream functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, sleep monitoring, and stress detection, which are in line with the health of current head manufacturers. The management functions are similar.

This work supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring and will issue a warning when the user’s heart rate is too high or too low so that the wearer can understand their physical condition in real-time.

In terms of sports management functions, Meizu also chose to cooperate with Maxim, so Meizu, which has just started, let this watch support outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, walking, table tennis, badminton, etc. More than 10 kinds of exercise recognition, according to different exercise modes, record and display detailed data under a specific exercise.

Through the sleep monitoring function of Meizu’s full smartwatch, users can obtain accurate data such as sleep time and deep sleep time to help understand and improve sleep quality.

In terms of battery life, due to the comprehensive functions, complete modules, and a high-quality screen, the energy consumption of Meizu’s all-smartwatches is relatively high compared to those “large bracelets” that watch the time and measure the heart rate and sleep. , So the battery life is average. I used it moderately. After almost 30 hours, 70% of the battery was consumed.

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After these days of experience, the author believes that the interactive experience of Meizu’s full smartwatch is almost better than any wearable device that has been used before, especially the “large bracelet.”

The appearance of the Meizu Watch is what an independent smartwatch should look like-equipped with Qualcomm Wear 4100 platform, eSIM cooperates with microphone and speaker to realize independent calls, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth module, NFC analog access control bus card, Payment, and QQ have everything.

Obviously, this is indeed a real way that allows you to shop smoothly, communicate with the outside world, and allows users to go home smoothly in various ways, until the door is opened or even the smart home can be opened, without having to take out the real wrist of the mobile phone. machine.

As Meizu’s first-generation smartwatch product in the true sense, there are not many types of models based on appearance. The black and azure models are common among all kinds of people. Although they are worry-free, they undoubtedly have one less dazzling skill. Seize the opportunity of a more segmented population.

We believe that with Meizu’s proficient industrial design ability and polishing experience, we can play more tricks in appearance.

Thanks to the software ecology gained by the square watch form, coupled with Meizu’s past Flyme system optimization capabilities, in terms of software experience, Meizu’s full smartwatches are perfectly adapted and smoothly run all the applications that can be installed, and are associated with voice assistants. , You can open and call out in one sentence.

In addition, the current mainstream flagship smartwatches support indicators such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, pressure detection, etc., and Meizu all smartwatches are also available. They can act as an assistant and “secondary machine” in daily life, and can also be a sports health steward. character of.

The price of 1499 yuan for Meizu smartwatch is frankly not expensive. After all, the price of some “large bracelets” is much higher than this, and many smart wearable products that support eSIM are also priced at 1,000 yuan. the above. On the whole, this work is indeed worth experiencing.

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