MI 11 MIUI 12.5 Development Version of Internal Test Push: Support Virtual A/B Partition


From yesterday, the mi 11 mobile phone, which had applied for the development version for private test, began to push the update of MIUI 12.5 system. According to the previous review article, mi 11 is the perfect body when it is equipped with MIUI 12.5 system.

MIUI 12.5 supports Android gesture Turbo and extremely fast response in the system; Computing power upgrade, different phones more fluid; Brings the system animation design, the new light cone dynamic effect structure; System Sound design, the sound of hundreds of global creatures; New super snow mountain wallpaper; Privacy protection: New clipboard privacy protection, fuzzy positioning, fully enabled sandbox mechanism; Add thinking notes, doodle and doodle fast drawing; New MIUI+, mobile phones and computers collaborate seamlessly; Free window, drop-down window, mini window, capsule, etc. Xiaomi health newly added mobile phone camera to detect heart rate; New desktop application download, uninstall the application and other effects of animation; Support all-in-one screen projection, adaptive TV screen proportion; Xiaomi cloud service added password butler, shared location search, automatic location before shutdown, and so on.

Xiaomi mi11 system update progress bar can be completed directly on the startup interface. After the progress bar is finished, it can be directly used in the new system after restart, avoiding the long load of shutdown state. Xiaomi 11 adopts Android Virtual A/B partitioning mechanism to achieve seamless update effect, improve update stability, and avoid problems such as bricking of mobile phones due to abnormalities in OTA update process.

Android has two update mechanisms: A/B (seamless) update and non-A/B update. Android 11 unifies the two mechanisms to reduce code complexity and improve updatability. The new update mechanism virtual A/B combines the advantages of the two predecessors by seamlessly updating all devices without reducing storage costs.

Virtual A/B updates are as seamless as A/B updates. Virtual A/B updates minimize the time the device is offline and unavailable.

Virtual A/B updates can be rolled back. If the new operating system fails to start, the device automatically rolls back to the previous version.

Virtual A/B updates use minimal extra space by copying only the partitions used by the boot loader. Other updatable partitions have been snapshot.

Refer to the link: https://source.android.google.cn/devices/tech/ota/virtual_ab

Essentially, A traditional A/B partition places the base files in A “partition” on the device. After installing the update, the device updates the files in partition B while leaving the phone in partition A. You can update an inactive partition B to the next version of Android until the user reboots and the device switches from slot A to partition B, leaving it on A newer version of Android.

What’s the good of that? For one thing, it keeps the update process almost entirely in the background. You can continue to use the phone while you install the update, but the actual application update takes only a few minutes, just like a normal restart. If your phone is constantly updated, this feature (called seamless update) can save you a lot of time.

Most importantly, the A/B partition in Android protects you if an occasional update breaks and you can’t install it. In this case, only the inactive partition (” partition B “) will be affected, so you can continue to use the phone normally.

For Android users, a seamless update is a huge win, sacrificing a bit of storage capacity. Still, this storage strategy is not accepted by some companies. For Samsung, this will take up to 3GB of extra storage on the device.

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Seamless updates are also likely to become more common as Android 11 devices adopt enforced A/B partitioning. This, in turn, may help Android users update their devices more frequently because it will take less time.


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