Microsoft’s Bing Chat has been expanded to 20 sessions per round and 200 sessions per day


Microsoft has added a highly anticipated feature to Bing Chat, Chat History, which allows users to access previous chats. This feature is currently only available for a small number of users to test, but should be available in the future.

As previously reported, Microsoft began inviting some users for a beta test on May 26, and today Microsoft officially relaxed chat restrictions for all users. The current limit has been raised to 20 conversations per round, with a maximum of 200 sessions per day.

The Bing Chat Preview initially launched without any limits on the number of chats per session or per day. But then the service ran into problems, and long conversations sometimes confused Bing Chat, causing it to produce some strange or rude responses. Microsoft then imposed limits on the number of chats. The initial limit was five sessions per session and 50 sessions per day, a limit that was gradually increased.


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