Mifo S Review: Flagship TWS Earphones With Innovative Design


In recent years, Bluetooth headsets have been booming, and many new Bluetooth headset brands have emerged in China for a while, and Mifo is one of the representative brands. However, after launching several products in a row in the past few years, it disappeared. Not long ago, the brand returned to the public’s attention and brought the new product Mifo S TWS Earphones.

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Since it is a newly designed product, the packaging has also been improved, and the new packaging is more compact. In terms of color matching, green and dark blue are used. The outer cardboard cover is printed with renderings of headphones and storage compartments. The S&o logo on the top and the Slogan that “should be dynamic and quiet” below are all made of hot silver laser technology, which is full of exquisiteness. Share a set of family photos as usual, including mifo S Bluetooth headset, charging storage compartment, three pairs of replacement ear caps, Type C noodle cable, user guide, and paper documents such as anti-counterfeiting codes.


The magic wave mifo S is also very elegant in design. This time, there are two themes of sports trend and blue and white porcelain. The whole has incorporated a lot of Chinese style elements in it, but the sports trend is darker, which is more in line with men. User’s aesthetic preferences. The overall design of the storage bin is flat and round, with a pure black base and bright green embellishments. The design has different English words interlaced. From the color matching to the design style, it highlights the theme of sports style.

As a design practitioner, I am also very happy. Love this design. The surface of the storage bin is superimposed by multiple processes, with a bright texture, hard and wear-resistant. There are two metal charging contacts designed on the inside of the cavity, which are used to contact and charge the contacts in the storage compartment. The in-ear part maintains an inclined angle and is ergonomically designed, the main purpose is to take care of the wearing experience.

Noise Reduction

Another reason to choose this headset is that it supports -30dB deep noise reduction, which is suitable for use when taking the subway on the way to and from get off work. The noise reduction bandwidth of mifo S is 1.5KHz, and in order to take into account the usage habits of different users, two modes of mild noise reduction and strong noise reduction are also designed, which is the so-called full-band ANC active noise reduction. The mild noise reduction mode will reduce the ear pressure, which is suitable for most scenarios; in a very noisy environment, you can choose the strong noise reduction mode, which can offset more ambient noise.

Sound Quality

The Magic Wave S uses a Bluetooth 5.2 chip and supports protocols such as SBC/AAC. The biggest highlight in terms of sound quality is the moving iron unit. The configuration of the moving iron is also HIFI level, and its configuration cost is also very high. Generally speaking, most TWS headphones use moving coil units, and TWS headphones using moving iron units are considered flagship.


The charging box has a built-in 600 mAh lithium battery, which can charge the Molang S 5 times. In the actual test, the Molang S can reach a battery life of 6-7 hours. There is no pressure for daily commuting. The battery life can reach about 36 hours, and the battery life is still very good.


Thanks to the blessing of the Bluetooth 5.2 chip, mifo S supports BLE AUDIO technology, and the improvement in connection stability, transmission rate and power consumption is also obvious. After the actual test, the communication can be connected normally within a radius of about 10 meters, and there is no interference or disconnection when wearing headphones on weekends to places with high traffic such as Starbucks.


The design of the Magic Wave S is very novel. Both the charging box and the accessories are very attentive. Even in strenuous sports, the wearing comfort is very good, and there is no stethoscope effect. Signal stability and endurance can meet daily needs without any pressure. The most important thing is that the support of the moving iron unit makes the sound quality of the Molang S reach the top level of TWS headphones. The performance of noise reduction is very good, and it is very comfortable to wear when exercising or sleeping, and it is not easy to fall off.

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