Minecraft 1.20 APK Download and New Update in 2023


The two most popular suggestions in the Minecraft community so far are: one is introducing jungle villagers on 1.20, and one is adding Chinese-style paper lanterns on 1.20. We don’t know yet if Mojang will eventually introduce them into the game, but as development progresses, new suggestions are starting to appear! Check minecraft 1.20 download here.

Suggestion 1. Boxes of different woods; Minecraft 1.20 chests can be made of different kinds of wood, and they will have different colors corresponding to the wood. In villages and other buildings, the boxes change according to the wood color of the biome building. For example, boxes made of sakura wood are a shade of pink. Here is minecraft 1.20 download apk details.

But there will be a problem here, in fact, the box itself is not a “wood color” design, is a secondary processing design of brown yellow. So if you want to correspond to different wood colors you have to do a second rendering of different colors. Here is minecraft 1.20 download apk 2023 here.

Suggestion 2. Hanging bamboo ladder; A physical bamboo ladder that can be suspended below a block. The bamboo ladder has gravity and can swing through the air. So first of all, it’s not a pure bamboo ladder, but a rope ladder. Normal ladders are no longer the player’s first choice in special situations. Compared with rattan rattan and weeping rattan rattan, its appearance must undergo a characteristic difference adjustment. You can connect two squares at an Angle, right? How about this minecraft 1.20.30 apk ?

Recommendation 3. Granite, diorite, andesite bricks; Let “Minecraft” three waste rock no longer “waste”! Added a complete list of stone block compositions for granite, diorite, andesite, and maybe tuff. Examples include andesite blocks, buttons, pressure plates, steps, stairs, smooth andesite, etc. So far, the three waste stone forever lost the name of “waste”!

Tip 4. Glowing armor decorations; The luminescent ink sac is used to decorate the armor pattern so as to realize the self-luminescence of the armor. Glow in the dark to help you locate your friends in multiplayer, and at least keep in touch while you’re mining in dark mines.

Suggestion 5. Archaeological ruins of villages; Create an archeological site in the ruins of a village. The archeological site can be based on the existing land village ruins, such as adding a ground village ruins or adding an archeological ruins in the current zombie village. Another is the buried seabed ruins where sniffers can be found, increasing the possibility of underwater archaeology.

Recommendation 6. Physical characteristics of hanging signs; Hanging signs that the player hits or touches will cause them to swing back and forth, giving them physical properties. Having basic physics means that hanging signs need to have a crash box, whereas several types of signs currently have a basic crash box only if they hang from the side. PS: In the latest developer log, Mojang seems to be happy with the current hanging sign feature. It’s a bit harder to have physical features

Tip 7: Sleeping bag; A new practical item from Minecraft, the sleeping bag can be made with only 3 fleeces. This may be useful for sleeping bags as opposed to beds, because sleeping bags can’t mark respawing points, so basically a sleeping bag is useful for someone who just wants to take the risk without marking respawing to add difficulty. At the same time, sleeping bags can add a travel, camping feeling. The sleeping bag has the advantage over the bed of being able to sleep even if there are monsters roaming around; Or even in hell.

So out of these seven suggestions, which one will Mojang choose to implement in my world? The one I’m most interested in personally is the Sleeping Bag, and Minecraft currently has a practical MOD called the Traveller Pack, which uses a recipe of “Red wool *2+ White wool” for the sleeping bag.

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