MIUI’s New Internal Testing Center Will be Launched In August


Recently, Xiaomi released the “Instructions on the Adjustment of the Next Step Internal Test Center Mechanism” in the Xiaomi community and the company said that the current MIUI’s internal test center mechanism has been complained about by many users, so its new version is expected to go online in August.

In the future new development version of MIUI, a new internal testing center mechanism will be used, which will solve the contradiction that there is no internal test score without applying for the internal test, and support more enthusiasts to enter the internal test center. It is worth noting that Xiaomi said there are currently various App and internal test versions that are already in progress and no adjustments will be made.

The new MIUI’s internal test center mechanism will be launched on the new version of the Xiaomi Community App, and the platform will have a new name. It is expected that the new version of the internal test center will first be launched in MIUI 13, and the existing MIUI 12.5 will still retain the old version of the internal test mechanism.

According to officials, the first version of Xiaomi MIUI was released on August 16, 2010, and there were only 100 enthusiast users. Since then, Xiaomi has launched the MIUI development version to enthusiasts who want to participate in R&D and testing.

The early development version of Xiaomi MIUI is scheduled to be released on Orange Friday, and these enthusiast users participating in the development version are called the Honor User Development Group. This is the origin of the “Rong Group”. Xiaomi expressed its gratitude to everyone for their contributions.

After that, Orange Friday has further become a user developer platform. Xiaomi said that due to the many uncertainties and bugs in the MIUI development version, it is aimed at enthusiast players with hands-on capabilities. The early review of the development version of enthusiast users will be measured from multiple dimensions. First, there is the number of posts and online duration, and dimensions such as the content of the release and the essence of the post will also be referenced.

Besides, Xiaomi also stated that the new version of the internal test center will be launched on the new version of the Xiaomi Community App, continue to adhere to the development version of the enthusiast atmosphere, and allow more outstanding enthusiasts to reflect through the new internal test center mechanism, and then invite them to enter More in-depth interaction with Xiaomi mobile phones and MIUI. And through the new mechanism to strengthen Xiaomi’s internal feedback to everyone.

The new version of the MIUI’s internal test center will initially realize the transparent and open internal test scores and the transparent systemization of disqualification. Then more optimizations will continue to update, and finally reach feedback and suggestions for enthusiasts, better collection, and more timely solutions.

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