Mixcder E10 Review – Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth V5.0 Headphones with Coupon


Whether it’s your meditation time or time to hop on a packed plane, Mixcder E10 is your game-changing headphone that comes with wireless Bluetooth and noise-canceling features with euphonious sound quality at a fractional cost. Mixcder E10 has Active noise canceling technology detects the noise around you and cancels it out while traveling, working or going anywhere, helping you focus on what you want to hear, get deeper into your music world. As a higher version of Mixcder E7, let’s know what are Mixcder E10 advantages to make you choose Mixcder E10 first?


Mixcder E10 has similar box as that of E7, also coming with a carry case with superior quality. After opening the case, it has 1*headphone, 1*carrying case, 1*AUX cable, 1*Micro USB charging cable, 1*airplane adapter, 1*user manual and a warranty card. Compared with E7, E10 has done better in its accessories with an airplane adapter so as to charge in airplane anytime. It only has 304g weight, light and portable. As a famous brand, Mixcder offers excellent warranty for any question to contact them online day and night. I take more importance to customer service to ensure a nice purchase.


As a high-end version of Mixcder, E10 headphone design makes me very satisfied, when I wear it, I feel very comfortable due to its superior leather about its headphone cups and headbands, the main difference between E7 and E10 is the better premium design on its headphone cups with shinning back, besides, the joints between the headphone bands and the headphone cups is quite flexible thanks to advanced and personalized design to make it swivel and rotate in many different directions to offer better using.

About its buttons and ports, it has a microphone and a charging LED for charging on the left headphone cup, while on the right headphone cup there are a ANC LED indicator, ANC button, a microphone, 3.5mm line-in port, previous track/V-, previous track/V+, LED indicator and a power button from the top to bottom.

Overall, Mixcder E10 is made of plastic and aluminum design, the leather earpads and headbands make me wear comfortable. When I take it out to wear, the premium headphone enables me to become most outstanding one.

How to Use?

Mixcder E10 can be used to operate same as that of E7. Whether you want to connect with your computer or smartphone, make sure their Bluetooth turns on, and then switch E10 on, on your computer or smartphone to search the E10 to pair. After pairing successfully, the E10 will remind and the LED turns to solid blue instead of previously flashing blue and red alternately.


One of the main features of E10 is that professional Active Noise cancelling technology, which is quite important for a high-end headphone that can help reduce low frequency ambient sound up to 96% under many circumstances like airplane, climbing, subway, etc, especially when you are not in good mood, wearing this Mixcder E10 can make you isolate from noise to enjoy music, movies quietly. The other feature that you need to know is supporting latest Bluetooth V5.0 version that transmit faster and wider compared with Bluetooth V4.2. Bluetooth V5.0 is the main popular version whether in headphones or other electronics, so that your headphone will not be out of date at least 2 years.

How about its sound feature?

Mixcder E10 headphones feature 40mm Neodymium Iron Boron speaker units, and support SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX LL (Low Latency) codecs while streaming music via Bluetooth. Whether pairing with Android phones or IOS phones, the noise cancellation function is noticeable, the sound quality can be similar to that of film theater, quite amazing. Since I have it,  I would like to wear it to watch movies to feel true theater audio effect. About its bass, it is worthwhile to highlight the low-end sound, that’s why I say it can compare with theater audio effect. Of course, when I turn on ANC, a lot of bass will lose to keep real sound effect. However, its midrange sound is quite smooth and warm to fit for listening to music cool, although it’s highs sound is not so bright, the treble is still smooth and comfortable. Therefore,  the sound of Mixcder E10 will not create uncomfortable and harsh effect for recreation.

Couple with advanced Apt-X Low Latency technology, it features under 40ms low latency for better listening experience.

Battery Life

E10 can support up to 30 hours, even longer playing under ANC function. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge full for first time, and then next time, only takes one hour for full. The efficiency of charging time and using time let me surprised and impressed with its built in 500mAh battery. By the way, it only takes 5 to 8 minutes to charge which can support up to 2 or 3 hours playing.

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The Mixcder E10 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling headphones are a perfectly respectable pair of headphones for the price. They won’t exactly stand out in terms of superior audio quality or comfort, but they feel good enough for the low price tag. You can buy it for just $89.99 by using Coupon Code: E10 from Mixcder official Website,  and from Nov.11 to Nov.12 PST, you can order from Mixcder official Aliexpress store at only $57.19. 


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  1. Just received the Mixcder E10. I’m very happy of this product ! It was not a joke, exceptionally valueable for money ! Comfortable, good sound quality and ANC is good enough.

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