Mixcder E7 (2019 Upgraded) Review: A Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


We have made many review for Mixcder as a top Chinese headphone brand now, such as the models, Mixcder HD601 , Mixcder DripMixcder Devil-A, and so on. Right now we have got the new models, Mixcder E7 and E10, but we test the Mixcder E7 first so as to guide you if it is worthwhile to buy. In general, according to our first impression, it is an extraordinary pair of remote on-ear earphones that accompanies dynamic clamor dropping innovation. They’re particularly worth considering in light of the fact that they won’t use up every last cent. However, let’s know part by part.


In the box, we can see a fashionable E7 headphone with twilight orange color, a  3.5mm Audio cable, Micro USB charging cable, a user manual and a compact carrying case. Besides, there is a warranty card which shows their responsible after-sale service. About the appearance,  we are fond of it a lot, because it has superior quality, for example, the earmuff is made of leather, so is the headphone strap  of course you don’t worry about the head size if it can fit on your head, we discover it has a personalized adjustable metal strap to add the length of the phone to wear on your head comfortably.

As for its surroundings, there are some ports to introduce, one the right side of the headphone, it has 6 interfaces, such as power button, microphone,charging LED, micro USB interface for charging, Volume- and volume+ from the bottom to top. On the left side, it has a 3.5mm line port, and ANC switch. In a word, the design of Mixcder E7 will not let you down. It also offers the other colors, like mint green and classic black color.

How to Use?

Mixcder E7 is quite easy to use, first, you can connect it with your computer, before paring your computer, you need to turn on bluetooth on your computer, if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth function, you can buy a bluetooth Wireless dongle, such as 2.1 or higher version better. And then you ‘Search new device’ on your computer, next, just press and hold the power button to switch your headphone on, when you see LED indicateor flashes blue and red alternatively, it means it the headphone is waiting for pairing. After your computer is finding your model, click to pair, the headphone will say ‘Connect’. The LED turns to solid blue now. So you can enjoy the music, videos, or other activities by your headphone.

As for how to connect your smartphone, you can operate same as the computer.


Mixcder E7 is a bluetooth wireless headphone with supporting active noise cancellation (ANC) , which means when we use it, we can reduce the noise from the noisy environment effectively such as in an airplane, buses or trains, etc. Maybe it can not prevent the noise from the noisy environment completely, even can not hear any noise when wearing the headphone, Mixcder E7 will be still a good choice at the very competitive price compared with other ANC expensive headphone. Believe it or not, test the ANC function by yourself, you will know the result we find same.

The other feature is portability. Mixcder E7 is packed by a small black bag, very portable to carry. You can plug the wire to listen to music, or use it directly without connecting the wire. So when you do outdoor activities, like climbing, travel, etc, choosing it will be very nice to enjoy recreation.

Besides, Mixcder E7 can not only be regarded as a normal headphone to listen to music, or video, but also making a call or answering a call, it supports up to 20 hours battery life to real-world use. On the condition that it is lower power, just recharge the battery via a micro-USB cable, less than 3 hours to charge full, of course, depend on your condition to use.


Turning ANC on likewise improves sound quality. Without it drew in, the Mixcder E7 has very thick, heavy low mids and upper bass. This causes the sound to appear to be somewhat cloudy and lethargic. The Mixcder E7 show some incredible attributes. Most significant, the soundstage is enormous for a modest, shut back arrangement of earphones. There’s a feeling of music encompassing your head 360-degree style, and this is viable for music with a ton of climate.

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Incredible esteem on-ear remote earphones with the special reward of commotion dropping. The plan won’t suit everybody and they’re cumbersome, yet the sound quality compensates for it! The Mixcder E7 will never be in a similar ballpark as the clamor dropping jars Bose and Sony bring to the table, however, they are strong worth. you can easily buy this from Mixcder.com. Right now Mixcder E7 starts to sell on Aliexpress Mixcder official store at only $38.39 for Double 11 festival.


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