Mixcder HD601 Qualcomm aptX Deep Bass Wireless Headphone Unboxing, Hands On, FAQ, Features Review


Previously we have introduced Mixcder Drip HeadphoneMixcder Devil-A gamer grade headphoneMIXCDER ShareMe 5 headphone , Mixcder® 872 Headphone review before, they are all the best headphones for different kinds of functions that you can have a try with superior quality, now today we have bought this unique and high-end Qualcomm aptX wireless headphone, Mixcder HD601, quite comfortable to wear and vivid sound quality. Let’s check this superior headphone with Low Latency and Deep Bass out.


When we get the box of Mixcder HD601 , we can know it has very lightweight, in the package, it is a blue box with a Mixcder logo and headphone image on the front and specs introduction in seven languages like English, Germany, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and its contact information, quality certification, bar code, etc on the back of the box.

After opening the box, we can see there is a Mixcder HD601, a USB cable and a wire to connect the headphone in the small black box and a User manual in seven languages we introduced before, therefore, it can become a wireless or wire bluebooth headphone according to your own needs.  And it can be an international headphone easy to use with the help of convenient multi-languages.


When we touch the headphone, we can feel its higher quality design, the specialty is in the cortical earmuff, gently wrapped around our ears which can let us wear comfortable to be addicted in the music. The headband also uses cortical material and there is a Mixcder logo on the top, besides, it has extended arms within 2 to 4cm for adjustment, which is suitable for different sizes of heads. And then we find it has some useful multi-functional buttons such as on the left earmuff the USB cable port, on the right NFC port, volume buttons and power buttons, which is easy to operate. When you press long to 5 seconds, the earphone is on, we use our phone to open the Bluetooth to connect with it and in same operation if we don’t want to use it,  it is off. By the way, it is different from others that it support NFC connection, if our phone supports NFC, just turn on and close to the headphone NFC part, then it can be paired successfully, too.

The other highlight that we need to mention is that the power button not only has the function to switch on or off, but also help you choose balanced sound mode and extra-bass mode, just press the power button twice to enter into the extra bass world, and in same operation to be back to balanced sound mode.

Hands on

We test it to connect it by Bluetooth with our phone in playing the music and watching the videos, the sound effect is quite vivid and good, it looks like you are watching videos at 3D theater, of course, when we own it, we don’t have to buy a stereo speaker, this  Mixcder HD601 can be the best alternative of stereo speaker in terms of our real experience. Meanwhile, we also connect it by inserting the wire with the computer, even our computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, we can still watch football games, movies, or other operations with deep bass and stereo effect by this superior headphone.

Gentle tips

If you are interested in this headphone and get it, you need to be aware to some uses, First, if you pair it with your phone, and then you also use wired to connect your computer,  it will have no voice when you wear it. Only choose one way to listen to your device, Second, when you connect your headphone with your computer in wired cable, you need to be aware not to insert wrong direction, because two ends of the wire are same, only one difference, one of the ends of the wire has a small mark of headphone, which means you need to insert this end to your headphone, the other for your computer. Third, about power button, when you press long to 5 or 4 seconds, the headphone will have notification to say power on, power off. Fourth, some users may connect the headphone with Bluetooth with failure to show the device is out of distance, please check well. Maybe you connect with bluetooth successfully, the solution is to delete the headphone device from your Bluetooth on the phone, and then research your headphone device by smartphone Bluetooth.


Mixcder HD601 is a very excellent Qualcomm aptX Low Latency Deep Bass Over Ear Wireless Headphone, we can’t take it down when we wear it to enjoy stereo voice world. Thanks to Mixcder to produce such high quality headphone, we believe most users can’t leave music world, so a high-end and competitive headphone will be necessary, right now we can purchase one to experience from Amazon US store and Amazon UK store from Mixcder official at $59.99 and £45.99 for free shipping to get it soon. You can also check more details from Mixcder official site. What are you waiting for?  Join us to share.


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