Mobile Esports: The Future of Competitive Video Gaming


Esports gaming is fluid, and it has been rapidly changing over the past several years. Players today will find themselves having access to over ten competitive games. According to, the number of games that are considered esports today is constantly growing and this is a normal thing.

Players who are eager to explore the competitive realm of gaming, though, don’t have to be limited to just games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, or at least – not limited to desktop setups only. The world is changing rapidly and with that change there are new opportunities.

This is where mobile esports is actually breaking the entry barrier and making a mark on the industry, and that is a good thing. Players are actually turning to new titles that are now played from handheld devices.

The Sluicegates of Mobile Esports Are Opened

And there is no shutting them. As it turns out, mobile is perhaps the most played gaming platform out there and this naturally spilt over esports. While western communities are still heavily favoring desktop gaming as their go-to option, in the east, many people are turning to mobile esports.

And the truth is that mobile esports take an immense level of skill. There have been some exciting games out there as well, from Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile, to Mobile Legends Bang Bang, to Garena Free Fire, and not least, Honor of Kings. Esports are rushing to establish themselves as a viable option for competitive gamers, and they are largely succeeding.

The sheer number of people who watch mobile esports is rapidly progressing. It’s not just that though. Mobile esports are also more readily available as they are easier to get a grip of. Players are welcome to explore them on their own leisure.

Can Mobile Esports Measure up to “Real Esports”

The simple answer is yes. Mobile esports requires a different skill set on the one hand although, on the other, they share the same similarities to desktop gaming, let’s say. You still need to be very quick, smart, and experienced to win. The skills are somewhat transferrable, but each device is its own world.

That is why console players cannot really compete against PC gamers, because consoles do have some limitations when it comes to shooting for example. For that reason, players are somewhat turned away from mobile esports initially, or consoles, but the truth is once you are into the thick of it, you will come to appreciate how cool these games are.

In fact, they are comparable and measurable to traditional esports in every sense of the word, and you will have a blast. Mobile esports are here to stay.


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